My Political Interpretation of Rob Zombie’s “King Freak”

As I have noted on this platform before, I am a huge fan of the music and movies of Rob Zombie. Zombie’s metal music is over-the-top crazy and as fun as hell. As far as I know, he is generally a non-political artist. However, I am political. 

Thus, I have taken one of his newer songs and analyzed it through my own freedom-loving political lenses. The song is “The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition),” which was released in October 2020. It is on Zombie’s album The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy, released in March 2021 on Nuclear Blast Records.

Zombie’s fantastic original version of the song is here:

My own (not so fantastic) version of the song is here:

Like many previous RZ songs, “King Freak” is a wild collection of vague Satanic, witchcraft, and horror references, meant mainly for fun—not to be taken too seriously. Although it’s only rock ‘n’ roll, I believe that this particular song does carry a message urging the rejection of the power of evil (Satan).

Whatever Rob’s intended meaning, I am using my own liberty as a big Zombie fan to interpret the song’s lyrics as commentary on America’s current King Freak (Dementia Joe Biden). My interpretation is in plain text below Zombie’s lyrics, which are in bold text:

King Freak gathering the brains of hyenas
King Freak drinking blood in the arena
King Freak taste the vectors of disease
King Freak destroy you while you're on your knees

In the above verses, King Freak (Biden) is gathering his advisors and minions, like Cacklin’ Kamala (the laughing hyena). They are relishing their triumph and power over the American people, whom they are subjecting to horrific injustices (drinking blood in the arena). They’re using their manufactured fear about the COVID virus (vectors of disease) to destroy the country and force people to comply (on your knees) to their wicked mandates. 

We ain't your execution (get off)
We ain't your head pollution (get off)
We ain't your flock of sheep (get off)
We ain't your minds to reap

In these chorus verses, the American people fight back against Biden’s evil lies. They are not going to roll over and die for him; they are not going to allow themselves and their freedoms to get executed, or killed, by him. They are not going to accept his propaganda (head pollution). They are not going to obey, like a flock of sheep. They are not going to stop thinking independently or allow Biden to reap their minds. Get off of us, King Freak!

King Freak circling a legion of doom
King Freak exploding from a sonic boom
King Freak ringing your cathedral bells
King Freak calling from the mouth of Hell

Biden and his criminal gang form a legion of doom and destruction for America. The corrupt mass media and social media allow Biden’s pronouncements and dictates to explode into Americans’ lives like a sonic boom. The Leftists are subverting America’s goodness with their evil by twisting and taking over all good things (like cathedral bells) to loudly promote their own warped wicked agenda. Everything they are doing is coming straight from Hell.

We ain't your execution (get off)
We ain't your head pollution (get off)
We ain't your flock of sheep (get off)
We ain't your minds to reap

And the crows will dig your grave
I do not forgive, I do not save
And the crows will dig your grave
I do not forgive, I do not save

In these verses, King Freak (Biden) responds to the defiance of Americans. If you do not comply, the government will destroy you, kill you, and bury you in your grave. The government will not forgive your rebellion; it will not save you from your destined doom. Defy the government, and you will pay the ultimate price.

King Freak carve an X into your head
King Freak dripping deeper in the red
King Freak gathering sharks in the shallows
King Freak elevator to the gallows

In these final verses, King Freak (Biden) continues his threats and plots against the American people. He will force you to serve his evil purposes—just as Charles Manson, with the bloody X carved into his forehead, served Satan’s purposes.  Biden and his Leftist gang of America haters will drag the nation deeper and deeper into decline and destruction (dripping deeper in the red). The Leftists feel empowered and they are gathering like sharks to attack and kill all that remains of good. They intend to raise up all American rebels onto the gallows, to hang them by the neck until dead.

So, the final message of the song is this:
King Freak (Biden and his Leftist army) will indeed achieve his complete triumph over America—destroying all your freedoms and liberties and turning you into his slaves—unless you keep fighting back!

I apologize to Mr. Zombie for certainly presenting his great song in a perspective that he did not intend. (After all, the song was released before the 2020 election.) But, hey, I love you man! Cut me some slack, because I’m one of your biggest fans!

Here’s one more inspiring message from Rob to his fellow Americans, in “We’re an American Band”:

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