More Democrats Than Republicans Leave Their Party in Maricopa County, ‘Other’ Now Biggest Party Designation

Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward told The Arizona Sun Times, “In little over a year, voters have recognized that Democrat policies are bad for them, bad for their families, and bad for America. As gas prices skyrocket, rent is unaffordable, inflation is at historic levels, and the Biden Administration is steering the world into war, regular people are fleeing from the Democrat Party and looking to liberty-loving Americans to restore sanity in our country.”

Independents and Republicans now each make up 34% of voter registrations in the county, with Democrats lagging behind at 30% and Libertarians at .08%. While 806 independents became Republicans in January, only 544 became Democrats. There were 301 Democrats who became Republicans, while only 175 Republicans became Democrats.

Republicans are maintaining their longtime substantial voter registration edge over Democrats, 888,092 to 788,428. The changes continue a trend from January favoring Republicans, when more than 1,300 switched their party identification to Republican, compared to approximately 900 who changed to Democrat. In fact, more individuals in Maricopa County have switched to the Republican Party than Democratic Party for at least five consecutive months.

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