Mayor of Yuma Explains Why Migrant Encounters Are Up 2,405 Percent, Offers Solutions

Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls is speaking up about the recent surge of migrants in the Yuma sector on Arizona’s border with Mexico, explaining why it’s occurring and recommending solutions. He believes there are several factors contributing to the 2,405% increase in migrant apprehensions, and says there are both long-term and short-term ways to resolve the problem.

“The ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy of the Trump administration was ordered put back in place by the courts, but that has not fully happened,” he told The Arizona Sun Times. “In 2019 and 2020, there were 50 to 60 migrants a day being returned under the policy. Now, there are only about 10 a day. With 1,000 coming across the border daily now, that’s only 1%.”

The Remain in Mexico policy was re-implemented in Texas first around the beginning of winter, starting the surge as migrants shifted to Arizona’s border. Before Christmas, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas called for fixing small gaps in the border to address safety and environmental concerns, contributing to this second wave of the surge as migrants hurried to cross before the construction, State Rep. Tim Dunn (R-Yuma) told The Sun Times.

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