Maricopa County Employee Who Allegedly Stole Tabulator Programming FOB/Key Has Ties to Soros Deleted, Had Vowed to Stop Election Day Attorneys

A LinkedIn account belonging to Maricopa County Elections temporary employee Walter Ringfield, Jr., who was arrested last Friday for allegedly stealing a digital magnetic key used to program Election Day voting machine tabulators, was deleted sometime after his arrest. This erased his connection to a radical group with ties to progressive billionaire George Soros, One Voice, One Vote.

When investigators looked through Ringfield’s social media that wasn’t deleted, they discovered a post he’d made vowing to thwart Republican lawyers combating wrongdoing on Election Day.

Caroline Wren, an advisor for Kari Lake who has broken much of the story about Ringfield (pictured above), posted a recent screenshot from one of his accounts, which was not listed on his Arizona State University page containing his social media links — all of those accounts were deleted except his TruthSocial account — revealing the statement. Ringfield was responding on his Threads account to an article from Politico, which said in the description, “Donald Trump’s campaign said that it plans to deploy more than 100,000 attorneys and volunteers across battleground states to monitor — and potentially challenge — vote counting in November.” Ringfield responded, “Nope I got it.”

Wren made screenshots of the LinkedIn account information before it was deleted, revealing that Ringfield is currently “Volunteer Staff at Our Voice Our Vote.” A Facebook page, which was also not listed on his ASU page containing social media links — contains a photo of Ringfield standing at a podium wearing an OVOV shirt along with two other men. A recent image he posted on his Facebook page was of an LGBT and transgender flag.

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