Many Dispute Claims That July Was Very Hot for Phoenix

The media has been full of headlines declaring how hot July was in Phoenix, but not everyone agrees, including experts. A CNN headline blared that “Phoenix just endured the hottest month for any US city as historic heat streak comes to an end,” The Washington Post declared, “Hottest month for a U.S. city: Phoenix sets national heat wave record,” and The Hill stated, “Phoenix sets record for hottest month.”

But Matt Pace, meteorologist for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, noted in mid-July, “Even though #Phoenix has not seen a below avg high temp since June 23rd, the first part of the year was cool enough that we have still had more below-average days than above-average days so far this year. That will likely change this weekend, but a positive for now. #azwx

The media reported multiple heat records broken in July, including the number of days above 110 degrees. CNN published an article pointing to “climate change” as the reason. However, most accounts omitted key details, failing to provide the full context.

Kari Lake tweeted her criticism of one such alarmist response. Lacey Nagao, a Turning Point activist and children’s book author, posted a photo of a sign on a Dollar Store in Utah, which stated that the store was closed due to “extreme heat.”

Nagao wrote, “This is Logan, Utah. My mom sent me this text on Friday. It’s 91 degrees, a very typical temp for summer in the Wasatch Front. Fun fact- it was snowing here 30 days ago.”

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