Mail-in Ballots are Fraud

The election is in two days. The surety of our elections is in dispute. The chaos that entails this election will throw our country into disarray. The president has been warning for months of the possibility of voter fraud.  Of course, the progressive socialists in the Democrat party and the media continually claim that there is no proof of voter fraud. They seem to think that mass mail-in votes, not verifying the voters, no voter identification, and ballot harvesting will work to come to a legitimate conclusion.
Full transparency is not available with mass ballots sent to addresses and people who have not been verified. Judicial Watch, who has been trying to get voter fraud to the forefront for many years, has spent a great deal of effort comparing population information from the U.S. Census to state voter registration and found numerous disparities that cover a great many, most notably blue states. The research they performed that found the 352 US counties in 29 states have 1.8 million registered voters, more than voting-age citizens. Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont all had voter registrations over eligible voters. These excesses were even worse in states such as Texas (187%), New Mexico  (177%), and South Dakota (171%).
Nevada sent out 200,000 mail-in primary ballots to the wrong address. In Virginia, over 1000 voters received a second ballot, which can lead to electoral fraud. The last-minute changes that the progressive socialist Democrats have pushed through Democrat legislatures make elections less secure and invalidate the traditional regulations about voting on Election Day.US Postal Officials found trays of mail discovered in a ditch in Greenville, Wisconsin. Three trays of mail were found near the Appleton Airport and included absentee ballots. In Illinois, voters who requested a mail-in ballot are voting in-person early. Illinois law states that the mail-in ballot must be turned in at the time of voting in person. Not doing so is a class 3 felony. Secretary of State Democrat Jena Griswold mailed out postcards to urge them to vote in the coming election. One went to a deceased woman in Las Animas County; six went to migrant worked in Otero County, 1 to a man from Lebanon, and 1 to a British citizen in Arapahoe Country. These are the only ones that had been found and called in? How many have not been called in?
How bad can mail-in voting be? After all, all the Blue states and the media says it is safe and secure. The media persists in keeping it hidden, and when another fraud is found, they badger you by calling you a racist. A common refrain that no longer works. Those that do not agree with the progressive socialist agenda have been called racists for so long, people have become numb to it. The sycophantic progressive socialist media continues to say these frauds do not exist. They refuse to admit that states like Colorado used ballots designed to see whether the voter was a Republican or Democrat. Twitter and the other social media sites covered the socialist agenda by claiming that the information was false or misleading, removing the data from the site, and closing down the accounts. This is really no surprise since Kamala Harris' Press Secretary is now the top communications official at Twitter.
 In Brooklyn, New York, 25% of mail-in ballots were ruled invalid in the Democrat primary. In New Jersey, 20% of ballots were thrown out, and four people are being prosecuted for fraud.  Paterson New Jersey City Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-elect Alex Mendez and two other men were charged when the state attorney general reported that hundreds of ballots in a single mailbox. All face more than ten years in jail. A candidate for mayor of Carrolton, Texas, Zul Mirza Mohamed, was arrested for unlawful possession of a ballot and 84 counts of fraudulent use of mail ballot applications a third-degree felony.  In Florida, 35,000 mail-in ballots were rejected during the primary, and over 100,000 ballots were rejected in California. In Pennsylvania, half the counties were still counting votes a week after the primary. Military ballots were discovered discarded, also in Pennsylvania. The progressive socialists couldn’t even run their own primary correctly in Iowa. The American people have yet to hear who won that primary.
The push for mail-in voting, which the media and progressive socialists still claim is safe and secure, is financed by mega-donors such as George Soros through his different organizations from the Open Society Foundation, and the Ford Foundation.
As another facet of rampant voter fraud, the Public Interest Legal Foundation has shown there were 349,733 deceased registrants in the voter rolls of 41 states. The same study showed that tens of thousands of voters voted twice in 2016 and 2018. Groups such s Democracy Docket, founded by the former Hillary Clinton General Counsel in the 2016 campaign Marc Elias, are attempting to void any security protocols that states have placed for absentee and mail-in voting protocol.  You may remember that this is the same Marc Elias, a partner at the Washington D.C. office of  Perkins Coie, that paymasters for the Russian hoax. A woman who has allegedly been working with Marc Elias, Emily Resko, posted voter rolls on Snapchat with the caption, "I'm about to see how all you  f*ckers vote.”
The Heritage Foundations Election Fraud database has found instances of voter fraud from forged signatures to falsifying registration forms, double voting, and bribing homeless people to vote a certain way.
Let's take a look at what has been found so far. Over a thousand voters in Virginia have been sent duplicate ballots. In Broward County, Florida, someone tempted to register dozens of dead people. This was confirmed by Steven Vancore, the Supervisor of Elections for Broward County. The US Postal Service Office of Inspector  General found 48 pieces of election mail sitting on the floor of the South Miami-Dade County post office. In Pennsylvania, officials announced 29,000 voters had received wrong ballots. In New York, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C., thousands of ballots were sent to wrong addresses. In South Carolina, US District Judge Richard Gergel issued an order stopping South Carolina from rejecting absentee ballots due to missing or non-matching signatures
.In Pennsylvania, the District Attorney has stated that TRUMP will not win without cheating. This is the same state that four years ago, the Secretary of State Pedro Cortes resigned because he allowed illegal aliens to vote in the Presidential election. This year, an election judge was arrested for stuffing ballot boxes. The primaries just performed saw documented examples of double voting. Registered voters were shown by the Public Interest Legal Foundation to have addresses in non-residential commercial buildings, empty lots, and in one case, the world headquarters of Alcoa. In May, Domenick DeMuro, an election judge in Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to taking bribes to stuff ballot boxes. In July, U.S. Representative Michael "Ozzie" Myers that bribed DeMuro. PILF has also found 16,000 dead registered voters and individuals with multiple registrations.
In Michigan, 72% of absentee voting precincts did not match the number of ballots cast. In Detroit, 30,000 more votes were cast than eligible voters. The Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, vetoed legislation that would have made multiple voting a felony.
Five States-New York, Texas, Michigan, Florida and California, made up  51% of deceased individuals voting.
Democratic strategist Eric Koch told the Washington Post that Biden was doing precisely what he needs to do to win. Why should Biden and Harris appoint being seen in public any more than give the press something to gush about when they are convinced that the progressive socialists will succeed in stealing the election. Some have taken that response, along with a threatening Kamala Harris that, after the confirmation to the Supreme Court of Amy Coney Barrett, that socialist won't forget. With the mainstream and social media's assistance, they fully expect the American people to accept the lies they push forward. Even anti-American socialist judges have turned a blind eye to the constitutional parameters that engulf our elections.
Knowing that President Trump stands a good chance of winning by a sizable margin this Tuesday, the progressives have rigged the system to draw the election out. That will allow the leftists to move forward with a possible coup. Starting this past Spring, there have been stories written in the far left papers that even the higher echelons of the military would stand down in the event of any violence directed to the Republican Party or its supporters. The past few months have been a dress rehearsal for after the election. 
The integrity of our election process is of paramount importance and should not be a partisan issue. Voter ID should be mandatory, and voting must be in person or by a verified absentee process. We must maintain the techniques that will help us to stay a functioning constitutional republic. The mail-in voting makes the situation ripe for progressive socialists to claim victory when enough of their  “votes are found after the election. We must be vigilant and not allow the leftists' scam to work. We can not allow a leftist judge to change the rules or steal our voice in the country. They must not be permitted to litigate long enough to throw the entire election in chaos. There must be integrity in our elections. We can't allow politicians on the federal or state level to ignore American citizens' wishes or turn a blind eye to the corruption that permeated the progressive socialist Democrat party.