Mad and upset over Tucker Carlson? Don't let go of Fox News Completely.

Certain conservatives have been vocal over Fox News Channel, and the drama regarding Tucker Carlson over the loss of his show on the respected channel.  We really don’t know what is going on, other than that Carlson will no longer be on FNC.   A recent story put out in Variety confirms that his “benching” is likely due to the settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.  So basically, Dominion got rid of the personality it likely despised very much; in spite of evidence that Carlson was not necessarily Trump’s biggest fan; unlike the other commentators apparently on Fox News Channel and its sister Fox Business Network…Larry Kudlow by the way (who used to work for then President Donald Trump) does a show on FBN.

Strong committed Conservatives have turned on Fox News over Carlson and many of those conservatives have doubted FNC’s commitment to a conservative worldview in their programing.  They have especially defected to Newsmax which has recently signed on a The Five clone called The Right Squad hosted by WMAL-FM/Westwood One radio personality Chris Plante.  Newsmax likes to tout its own horn in hopes of becoming the Alpha Dog when it comes to the Conservative Media outlets.

Newsmax does have the chance of being Conservative News Network #2 for sure, but they do have a long way to go in becoming what Fox News became.  Like Mark Levin, I welcome the competition.  I welcome many news outlets that give and yes…SPIN a conservative worldview of somekind on the news of day.  Not just Fox News and Newsmax; but that includes OAN (One America News),, The Daily Wire, World (including its Christian clone version of NPR’s Morning Edition called The World and Everything In It), The Christian Post, The Blaze & Blaze TV, Media Research Center’s CNSnews & Newsbusters and the list goes on…let me mention The Worldview in Five Minutes ( which is an outreach of Kevin Swanson’s Generations Ministries out of Elizabeth, Colorado; and hosted by radio talker Adam McManus who does the show out of his home in San Antonio, Texas and is a recurring co-host and sometimes fill-host on the main Generations Radio podcast. This news and information ministry makes the old Family News in Focus program from Focus on the Family many moons ago look like child’s play regarding a bias with a Christian worldview and will quote scripture when need be.  TWI5M usually leads of with a story on Christian persecution, as Swanson is passionate in defend those who uphold the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With that said, other than Swanson and McManus calling out Fox News based on their stance on the Gospel; I do have problems with our media trying to eat off Fox News.  Granted you want viewers and/or loyal readers.  You get them and earn them by providing content that will bring them in to your good graces.  As the saying goes…”Content is King.”  Newsmax is improving in the content department but still can do better there.  OAN lost some of their best personalities and the loss of Trump in the White House were setbacks for OAN big time.

With all that said, I would not chuck Fox News completely just yet.  They still lean center right and present the news from a right of center approach.  Bret Baier still has a great alternative to the broadcast evening news, coupled with Trace Gallagher and his midnight news program on the network.  Hey Greg Gutfield has proven to be the answer to Steven Colbert and the two Jimmys on late night TV and their progressive worldviews.  Then you have Shannon Bream who is the current host of Fox News Sunday and providing a more right leaning show once again; since the departure of Chris Wallace, as its rivals continue to appease the left (This Week, Meet The Press, Face The Nation, State of the Union, Washington Week etc.).  Peter Doocy continues to be thorn on the side of Biden admiration as Jen Psaki and now Karine Jean-Pierre put up with his questions.  Just don’t want give Doocy the Jim Acosta treatment ladies?  I guess that is smart.  Howard Kurtz is presenting an honest account on the media on his Sunday show Mediabuzz on Fox News Channel coupled with his daily podcast.

Fox News has its warts, but so does everyone else.  Sadly, conservative media has to play by the rules while the left seems to be exempted by them (rules for thee and not for me).  I will tell you another thing.  ABC, CBS, NBC (MSNBC), CNN, and even PBS and NPR and the newspapers like NYT, and WaPO are not really eating their own…not Newsmax and other conservatives’ outlets are doing.  The Mainstream Progressive La Gouche (The Left in French) media are unified in the cause of advancing the Democratic Party and Progressive polices in government.  That must be the goal of Fox News, Newsmax, Townhall etc.  Advance a conservative worldview and why it’s the best one.  The latter is still outnumbered by the progressive media.

Also, for the foreseeable future; Fox News still has the deep pockets and that means it has the money and resources to providing the coverage that the dominate La Gouche/Progressive press has.  So, focus on the real enemy and that is being La Gouche.  The infighting is not helping.  We need to have a united front and reach out to people and present the message of conservatism as Ronald Reagan did in the 1980’s and as Rush Limbaugh did on Talk Radio for over three decades afterwards.  We enough infighting in the Republican Party and in government.  Let us try to have a united front in our media sources.  We can disagree and sort things out, but let us work with each other and try to bring a good front to the battle and then work on policies that might divide us but we can and should discuss among conservatives and those who do favor liberty, freedom and limited government.

Compete with each other: Yes, Attack and Eat each other: No.

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