Letter to President Trump: How to stop everything Biden and the CPUSA are doing with four federal lawsuits

June 21, 2022

Dear President Trump,

This letter contains everything you need to shut down everything the Biden Administration, the DNC, and the Communist Party USA are doing to destroy the United States almost immediately. 

With the information below, you can do more now than you could have done in the White House.  The work we do will disempower Communists running the nation now, neutralize and isolate NeverTrumpers, and assure a roaring success of your next White House term, and launch populist backing for far stronger than in 2016.  For the first time in political history, we will win with strong offensive tools leaving the losers on the Left powerless and speechless. 

This letter was publicly published to kick off a modern-day grassroots Patriot revolution unlike anything seen since the American Revolution. We kicked the British out to found our Republic in 1776.  We must now do the same to Communist Globalists to save our Republic from certain destruction.  I am not afraid about the Left seeing this because there is nothing they can do to stop us.  The task of all Patriots, beginning this 4th of July, is to take back the nation from traitors attempting to destroy it.

The key is to strongly urge Patriot Republican State Attorneys General to file the four lawsuits for federal injunctions and emergency stay orders below, and talk about them everywhere you go until they do.   We must execute, not sit by idly while the United States is wrecked and turned over to the World Court and globalist elite to be looted and destroyed.

The lawsuits are listed in order of priority:
  1. Federal injunction and emergency stay order to invalidate the completely fraudulent Department of Homeland Security Feb. 7th 2022 terrorist advisory claiming that anyone or any group who disagrees with any Biden positions is a presumed terrorist, while Black Lives Matter and other violent groups got a free pass.  This hijacked the Patriot Act and all arms of government and military to be legally used destroying everyone Social Justice elites do not like.  Social Justice became the dominant authoritarian political power-cult in Western Civilization by using violence, censorship, gaslighting, historical revisionism, and phony terminology to forcefully redistribute power and wealth from fake oppressors to fake oppressed economic, racial, and sexual victim-groups. (The actual wealth transfer is a swindle benefitting Elites at the expense of the poor -- the hallmark of Communism).  Patriots are now classified as "White Nazi Terrorists".   By executive fiat alone, Biden created a military dictatorship not unlike Russia and China.  Peaceful Patriot protesters all across the nation, threatened by violent Leftist activists, have been systematically arrested or barred from college campuses, schools, and public involvement since February 7th, enforced by the FBI, CIA, police, prosecutors, universities, urban politicos, woke corporations and mouthpiece media, and in some cases the military or reserves.  Second Amendment rights are being obliterated with unconstitutional allegation-driven Red Flag laws administratively eliminating due process rights of gun owners.  Alleged gun owners have no right to hearing, and can have guns and property seized and be incarcerated on anonymous allegation alone.  This highly-organized model was first used on January 6th, 2020, and is now endemic. This suit should be easy to win because the Terrorist Advisory is systemically fraudulent, entirely political, and without foundation in fact.  My paper Analysis of the National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin.pdf (also linked below) contains further details.
  2. Federal injunction and emergency stay order disbanding the fraudulent January 6th Commission and/or barring it from harassing individuals or impacting public policy in any way.  Its sole purpose is to prevent real conservative candidates, now classified as terrorists, from running for office; and deciding who will get to run for President in 2024.   The Commission fully intends to allow only globalists acting as Trojan Republicans to run in the future, implementing a uniparty system like China and Russia.  President Trump may have standing to file this suit, as you have been grievously harmed by the fake January 6th false-flag rendition Democrats pulled off by surprise to label you a "terrorist".  They fully intend to prevent you from running in 2024.
  3. Federal injunction and emergency stay order to invalidate the fraudulent FDA Emergency Use Authorization.  There never was an emergency in the first place.  Our scientific treatise and papers below prove the EUA powered a corrupt conglomerate of industry, government, woke universities, and woke media who made billions, if not trillions financed by taxpayers selling expired vaccines while executing the Great Reset agenda destroying the economy.  This rendition continues today with a never-ending chain of new, untested, mRNA vaccines not needed to handle infections not more dangerous than the average flu or cold virus. Monkeypox is immediately stopped with a safe and effective standard smallpox vaccination effective for 3-5 years.  No experimental mRNA vaccine should be permitted until proven to be as safe and effective as the standard smallpox vaccine.   Epidemiological science was censored and scientists fired from their jobs.  The lockdowns, firings, and terror resulted in complete disruption of supply chains, drug abuse, violence, death, and an endless list of other systemic consequences impossible to itemize.
  4. Lawsuits to finally enforce the Communist Control Act of 1954.  It is illegal for any communist to hold public office or work in government. All orgs such as the ACLU, and individuals such as Soros may have assets seized, corporate charters and tax IDs revoked, with seized assets and funds used to pay down federal or state debt.  I have done research on this.  We do not have to prove actors are “members” of the communist party.  All we need to prove is that actors are executing the communist agenda.  This is real easy to prove.  The words “Social Justice” and everything you see on the Communist Party USA website is hard core communist agenda. What Communist operatives do are the crimes that will win civil cases – which have a lower standard of proof. The Biden Administration is the tweed front end for the CPUSA, which owns the DNC.   We can force dissolution of the radical DNC so they will have to reincorporate absent communist agenda and actors.   We need to start with one AG filing a pristine case against a public official to get them removed from office (if they are an attorney their law license could also be revoked).  President Trump may have standing to file suit against William Barr – but it might be better to win a case against smaller fish initially. 
Lawsuits 1, 2, and 3 will destroy absolute immunity Federal Government conferred on itself via direct and indirect legal ploys.  Owning the Patriot Act gives the Communist-government complex absolute immunity to replace Constitution with political advocacy – which is the legal basis for allegation-driven “Red Flag” laws.  The Medical-Pharmaceutical-Government Complex gained absolute immunity to replace peer-reviewed medical science with massive profits and politcal power to execute the “Great Reset” agenda.  Progressives adopted tactics employed for decades by feminists running allegation-driven rape and child abuse hotlines so they could sue men and seize control of families absent hearing or investigation by police and prosecutors.  We can and must shut down everything they are doing with the lawsuits itemized above. 

The Biden “Presidency” is the most corrupt in American History.  It is an existential threat to the survival of the United States as a sovereign nation, and has intentionally caused unimaginable and unconstitutional harm to the People.  Everything done since day one of Biden's presidency can and must be undone.

Additional lawsuits are necessary for federal injunctions forcing rollback of all federal rules, procedures, and nullification of Biden executive orders to rules existing on your last day in Office. 

Wth additional lawsuits, we should be able to force Biden to fund and finish the border wall, fund and finish the Keystone pipeline, restore oil leases and drilling rights, stop forcing Transgender and homosexual grooming in schools and libraries, and restore and fund free market operation of natural gas electrical generation facilities (especially in California), and many other intentionally-destructive acts Communists have done.  Arbitrary Department of Energy “green” caps on electrical generation capacity that blacked out Texas, small providers in many states, and California must be ended.  The unconstitutional Red Flag law enacted by Congress must be invalidated. Courts should order funding for President Trump to monitor and ensure compliance with the Order of the Court, with civil penalties and criminal contempt penalties for failure to execute. 

A suit to nullify Biden's World Health Organization "Pandemic Treaty", turning sovereignty of the United States health policy over to WHO may become necessary.   Federal courts must protect the nation, and not put states in the position of having to do it themselves.

We all agree that courts should not run the government.  This is not our request.   Immense harm done to the People by the Biden administration has given rise for many previous federal injunctions and Emergency Stay Orders.   The suits we must file are of far greater gravitas and complexity, and require Patriot monitoring to ensure the Order of the Court is fullfilled.  The only sensible request the People can ask for in the Request for Relief is to restore policy and rules to the state existing on  President Trump's last day in the White House, with funding for President Trump to make sure it happens.

We do not have to wait two or four years while the nation is wrecked to the point that it may be irrecoverable.  It would be stupid not to win now.  The object of war is to win now, not sit around for four years and then hope we can win later. With the above we can take away most of Biden’s powers and win in just a few months.  When we own the Patriot Act again, our victory is certain.

By Oath of Office, State Governors and Attorneys General have Constitutional duty to protect state’s rights from fraudulent destruction.  They must protect citizens from fraudulent physical harm, economic harm, destruction of civil and Constitutional rights, discrimination, medical abuse, false arrest, seizure of guns, job loss, and other consequences directly caused by Euro-Communist policies forced on the nation by the Biden administration.

The populist politics here are incredible.   If you take the lead shutting Biden down now while you are not in the White House, the public will go bananas.  You will prove you are still President Trump able to shut down the Communist traitors.  As a Patriot, you can stop their military dictatorship to free the nation from Marxist-globalist Hell.

We must all realize that the globailist-Marxist machine is not stupid.  Everything they do today is a highly-organized war machine built over the last 120 years ago that intentionally paralyzed and wiped out the nation.  Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, and Laura Ingraham will go nuts when they fnd out that progressives are an existential threat to the nation we can shut down now.   With their help, we can and will shut down everything Biden is doing in a matter of months. 

Taking the lead on these issues now is strategically necessary.  Republican candidates at the federal and state level have no idea what to do about demolishment of state and personal rights.  We can accomplish nothing until the lawsuits we recommend are filed and won to take back our Republic.  State attorneys general and governors are the key people required to win.  You can encourage them to file suits with endorsements being conditional on doing the job they are sworn to do.

The Constitution belongs to the People, not Communists trying to destroy it.  Silence and inaction are not the hallmark of Patriots.  There are now only two kinds of public officials:   Patriots and those actively or passively supporting Traitors.

Going forward, winners will be the AGs, governors, and elected officials on the legal battle front restoring The Republic.  Expecting candidates and office holders to do the right thing, and supporting Uber-great candidates, is the backbone of Mega-Maga.   

John Dewey, the first American Marxist Communist, invented the “critical theory” revolutionary war in 1910 that eventually took control of the nation by seizing control of schools, and later all branches of government via a conglomerate of corrupt lawyers, Marxist politicians, and Marxist globalists forcing the European “Great Reset” on the world.

We kicked the British out to establish our free Republic during the revolutionary war.   If we fail to kick Communists out of government and politics, the US will descend into an inevitable civil war.  All patriots including military, militia, and citizens are now legally considered “Neo-Nazi white supremacists" and often arrested and locked up, while all progressives have license to burn and loot cities, threaten conservatives with job loss or death, burn down pro-life facilities, and threaten federal court justices, and denied the right to get a college education.

Below is one important example demonstrating how we can remove Communists from power.  In 2019, Col. Joe Adams warned that drug cartels have infiltrated our nation and are organizing. They quickly merged with and are protected by funding from Soros and other Communist Social Justice progressives destroying cities with corrupt prosecutors and drugs.  Foreign drug cartels now control national politics with blessing of US Communist leaders.  The level of penetration is far deeper than you might imagine.

Black Lives Matter power elites glorify drug-driven racial violence, the firing and defunding of police, and violent “sanctuary city” takeovers of urban areas.  The symbiotic relationship between cartels and progressives is actively importing the Mexican drug cartel urban model, which owns entire cities in Mexico, to control the United States. 

The public saw “kneeling” as racist and left in droves, so the NFL weaponized it.  We witnessed a disgusting mass celebration showing Black Lives Matter exploding a building at the 2022 NFL Super Bowl LVI Halftime show to lyrics “The moment, you own it, you better never let it go (Go!) … You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow”.  The NFL will have to clean up its act when you pound them for advocating mass urban violence.  

Nobody knows what to do about mass organized violence ….. until now.

The lawsuits listed above to take back the Patriot Act and to enforce the Communist Control Act will effectively disarm BLM.  My article Mass Shootings Are Caused By Kids Loaded on Drugs, Not Loaded Guns -- and How to Stop Most Mass Violence  contains an outline of strong public policy that will reverse these trends both in and outside the family.  Policy requiring mandatory drug recovery and job prep as being done in Washington State for imprisoned substance abusers are necessary.

In closing, I would like to say that Communist and globalist attorneys working for the Left hobbled and damaged your first term in Office.  Their operatives were all up and down all administrative branches, the military, and in the White House.  Paul Ryan, Senator Mitt Romney, and John McCain, are just a few examples.  Others include William Barr, Mitch McConnell, and even Mike Pence.  Pence and McConnell forged a back door deal with Pelosi a week before electoral college slates were read in the Senate.  Their job was to make sure that alternate electoral slates were ignored so Biden won.   We must make sure that corrupt lawyers working for the Left no longer become appointees destroying your second term in Office.

David R. Usher
Civitas Economic Engineering, LLC
Saint Louis, MO 63146 

Below are the key documents necessary to get moving:
  • Mass Shootings Are Caused By Kids Loaded on Drugs, Not Loaded Guns -- and How to Stop Most Mass Violence
Links to some of the papers listed below are in the above article but I am providing them below so they do not get missed.
  • Strategies based on Epidemiologic Sciences: Why U.S. Covid Death Rates are Significantly Higher than in Korea and Sweden

Synopsis: This article proves that everything the CDC/HHS/Big pharma/university Medical-political-government complex caused mass death in the US, while South Korea had nearly no socioeconomic impact because it executed the principles of epidemiology.  This article is the partial basis for the following Scientific Proof article.
  • Scientific Proof That The CDC, Fauci, Biden, and Big Pharma Responsible For At Least 600,000 U.S. Covid Deaths -- And How To Stop Them

Synopsis: This article proves that the CDC/HHS/Big pharma/university political machine gaslighted President Trump into signing the Emergency Health order on the notion that millions would die if he didn’t.  The political machine immediately set out to execute the Davos Great Reset agenda, destroying the economy with lockdowns, school shutdowns, causing mass unemployment, supply chain disruptions, etc.  The political machine made well over $500 billion, not counting all the federal funding for communist cranking out fake data and studies to justify everything the machine was doing.  President Trump is not responsible for anything these guys did.  The onus falls squarely in the political machine (organized by Obama all along, now fronted by our Manchurian Candidate “president”.

The following PDF documents are on my sync.com server.  These documents provide analysis and scientific basis for litigation.  We have much more incontrovertible scientific data available to qualified attorneys who intend to litigate and win.
  • Analysis of the National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin.pdf
  • EPIDEMIOLOGICAL VACCINE FACTS.pdf  (occasionally updated)

Synopsis:  This paper proves an extensive history of scandal-for-profit, industrial gaslighting, and repression of epidemiological science by the corrupt medical-political-government complex.  The Covid era is by far the biggest example of medical malpractice in world history.  This information is scientific basis for litigation to nullify the fraudulent FDA/CDC EUA.   The Covid scandal which caused massive economic destruction and death is by far the biggest in American history.
  • The History of Conservative Social Policy Failures Between 1959-2020:  Why Conservatives Have Always Failed Impacting Social Policy Shrinking Social Spending to Facilitate Balanced Budgets

Synopsis:  This paper explains why Conservative politicians, policymakers, and churches have never been able to control expansions of the welfare state and related deficit spending dragging down the economy, and shows why we must impact social problem drivers at the sources where problems originate by applying Civitas Economic Engineering supply-side socioeconomic principles.
  • Supply-side Socioeconomic Policy White Paper 2022.pdf
Synopsis: This paper explains why Conservative lawyers, politicians, policymakers, and churches have never been able to control expansions of the welfare state and related deficit spending dragging down the economy.  Republican focus on building economy cannot be successful when out-of-control social program spending drives massive deficit spending.  The Civitas supply-side socioeconomic model focuses on shrinking social spending by impacting key drivers of social problems at the sources where problems originate, building marriage and family, while facilitating balanced budgets. It is now possible for family-building laws and public policies to parallel moral and biblical principles while church and state remain independent.
  • David R. Usher Curriculum Vitae and documentation of my family’s long history of influential patriotic service to the United States going back to the landing of the Mayflower is available on request to qualified individuals by email. David is not an attorney, but has done his own legal work for 30 years and won every case he tried, crafted several Missouri state laws in effect today, and works with attorneys to ensure his positions are probably correct.
David R. Usher (@David_R_Usher), Facebook david.r.usher is CEO of Civitas Economic Engineering LLC,
a supply-side strategic planning and policy consulting company with over 30 years of experience,
and founder of the Center for Marriage Policy.
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