Keep Your Freedoms. Vote!

There are many reasons people don’t like Trump: Bombastic, egomaniac who has the Twitter skills of a Jr. High kid.

This list contains simple items to show you – or easily e-mail your friends who don’t care for him – why Voting for Trump is the only way to preserve our America:

Freedom of Speech: Suppression of Open Discussion – The Democrats have already shown they have no problems with Big Tech stopping our rights to discuss items they find objectionable. Look no further than the recent Hunter Biden scandal.

Freedom of Speech – Liberals are constantly trying to take words out of our dictionary.  As an example, those associated with the very small percentage of transgenders in our country – i.e. correct use of he and she.

Right to Bear Arms – Biden and his Left-Wing zealots have been pretty clear they want to eliminate firearms. First, Automatic Rifles and then select handguns – a slow, methodical purge.

Fossil Fuel – We are now the number one producer in the World. Why do you think gas is so cheap? Biden has been clear he wants to eliminate our status very quickly.

Tax Increases – The Democrats have been very clear they want to increase taxes; there goes the surging Middle Class growth.

Retirement TaxesUnder-the-radar. They plan on taxing certain assets (especially 401Ks) and Capital Gains. Also, an increase on the Death Tax, so the next generation can be penalized.

Law & Order – As riots have run rampant across America, the Democrats continually are calling them “Peaceful Protests” and will not speak against Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA

Law & Order: Defunding Police – A Liberal belief: America needs less police to uphold its laws, even though we are in the midst of an increase in riots, homicides and overall crimes.

Medicare for All – Don’t let the name fool you. Instead of fixing or replacing Obama care, they want a single-payer plan run by the Government. Yes, that bureaucracy.

New Green Deal – Too bizarre to make-up. The elimination of current planes & cars, coal and fracking in a very short-time. Our energy and vehicle costs would skyrocket.

Freedom of Religion – They want to take God out of our country. Their first steps are to eliminate it from anything associated with the Government including the Pledge of Allegiance.

One Party System – They plan on adding Puerto Rico and District of Columbia as states and make the Electoral College more in line with their party – thus Conservatives have a bleak future.

Supreme Court – They are openly talking about adding more members to the Supreme Court. Why? So any Liberal Law that reaches the Highest Court is looked at favorably.

There are many, many more items. This simply gives you a taste of what is at stake this Election.

Give me liberty or give me death.”
Patrick Henry

Who ever thought we may have to utter those same words during our lifetime?
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