Kari Lake’s Second Election Contest Trial Concludes, No Experts Dispute 274,000 Ballot Signatures Were ‘Verified’ at a Rate of 3 Seconds Each

Kari Lake’s second trial challenging her gubernatorial loss concluded on Friday, with Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Thompson giving no indication when he would issue his ruling.

In March, the Arizona Supreme Court reversed part of Thompson’s original decision dismissing her case, remanding the signature verification issue back to him for reconsideration. The trial has focused on the speed that signature reviewers examined signatures on mail-in ballot envelopes, which Lake’s team did not believe was physically possible.

Lake’s attorney Kurt Olsen said Maricopa County failed to refute their case, since they brought no expert to dispute Lake’s expert who found that 274,000 ballot envelope signatures were compared for validity in 3 seconds. “The defendants didn’t offer any rebuttal to his testimony,” Olsen said.

Maricopa County Elections Director Rey Valenzuela, who took the witness stand on both Wednesday and Thursday, returned for more questioning on Friday. Lake’s team had alleged that around 70,000 signatures were reviewed in less than one second each, so his attorneys attempted to explain away those numbers.

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