Kari Lake Releases TV Ad During Her Former TV Show Instructing Viewers to Turn It Off

Coming from a 30-year career in the mainstream media as a local broadcaster, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has naturally been able to spotlight many of the biases of the media while campaigning. The Trump-endorsed candidate’s second TV ad launched this weekend, including on Monday, during the former show she co-anchored on Fox 10 News. It instructs viewers to turn the show off.

She began in the ad, “The media isn’t just corrupt, they are anti-American.” A clip of her walking next to 12 News reporter Brahm Resnik is shown, with Lake telling him, “I noticed that you would not say the Pledge of Allegiance, and that’s really despicable. Why can’t you put your hand on your heart? When these Media Hacks show you how much they hate America, believe them.”

Lake called Resnik out last year in August. He was covering a protest at ASU she helped lead over COVID-19 mandates, and when the students said the Pledge of Allegiance, he did not participate. She tweeted at the time, “Truly Disgusting. NBC 12News Political Reporter @brahmresnik refuses to participate in The Pledge of Allegiance. Brahm is a Radical Left-wing Activist disguised as a ‘Journalist.’”

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