Kari Lake Reassures Republicans at Arizona GOP Election Night Party That She Will Win

By midnight on election night in Arizona, mostly only early ballots had been counted, which skewed towards Democrats due to large numbers of conservative voters voting in person on Election Day. The Trump-endorsed slate of candidates was behind, with Democrat Katie Hobbs ahead of Kari Lake 56.7 percent to 43.3 percent, and 69 percent of precincts reporting.

Lake spoke to the crowd at the massive Arizona Republican Party event in Scottsdale late in the evening after the results came out, declaring “it’s early” and reassuring Republicans, saying, “I want you to know we are going to monitor the ballots. We will not stop counting until we have every legal ballot counted.”

She took a dig at the hundreds of news media amassed in the back of the large ballroom, warning them not to call the race prematurely. “I just want the propagandists back there to know ‘don’t embarrass yourselves. Don’t do it again, you’ve done it too many times.’”

On election night of the primary, Aug. 2, Lake was also significantly behind in the first round of results, 10 points behind her more moderate Republican opponent Karrin Taylor Robson. She went on to win by about two points after several days of counting ballots.

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