Kari Lake Files Complaint Against Gov. Doug Ducey for Flying Her Opponent from a Joint Campaign Event in a Taxpayer-Funded Jet

Trump-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake filed a complaint this week with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich against Gov. Doug Ducey for using a state government helicopter to fly her opponent Karrin Taylor Robson back from a campaign event he hosted with Robson.

The complaint letter from Lake’s attorney Tim La Sota stated, “The state airplane is not a shuttle service that can be rented out by wealthy politicians when the private jet they normally use is unavailable. And the Governor has no power under the law to permit such effective rental agreements to those he favors politically. Surely after over a decade in public office he must know this.”

La Sota cited A.R.S. 16-192, which states that public resources may not be used “to influence an election,” and specifically lists “vehicles.” He referenced a video from July 22 showing Ducey inviting Robson after a campaign event in Marana with former Vice President Mike Pence to board the plane to fly back to Phoenix with him.

La Sota stated that apparently Robson used the state plane because her own plane was being used to fly Pence to Nevada. He alluded to other possible lawbreaking, “That private jet is the source of other potential campaign finance violations. That private jet has been reported at times as the ‘Robson family jet’ but it is apparently owned by a limited liability company. But those matters are not addressed in this letter.”

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