Kari Lake Accuses Karrin Taylor Robson of Tricking ‘a Record’ 1,200 Plus Mostly Elderly People into Donations, Including Autorenewals

Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who is leading the GOP primary race, accused opponent Karrin Taylor Robson of tricking elderly Arizonans into donating to her campaign by pretending the money would go for “Trump, Truth Social & the Wall.” She also accused the mostly self-funded candidate, who is the other main contestant left in the primary, of fooling donors into committing to automatically renewing their donations each month.

In a video, Lake holds up over 1,000 pages she says represents “potential victims.” She said she is warning retirees or those married to a retiree about “a fundraising ploy that they could have very likely gotten caught up in, especially if they are patriotic and worried about the direction this country is going.” She added, “Thousands and thousands of Americans, most of them retirees, most of them living on Social Security, got tricked into donating to my opponent in one of those recurring donation schemes.”

IMAGINE THIS: Your husband gives you $20 MILLION to try and buy the Governor's seat… and you STILL decide to prey on Senior Citizens and trick them out of their retirement.

This is so sick. Please SHARE to warn others. (Twitter took the other video down at 300K Views) pic.twitter.com/S5Tk9iok7A

— Kari Lake for AZ Governor (@KariLake) July 21, 2022

Lake displayed screenshots of fundraising text messages that Robson’s campaign sent to voters. They obtained their phone numbers from voter registration records.

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