Judge Hears Arguments in Trial over Election Illegalities, Malconduct Alleged by Candidate in Shasta County Supervisor Race

Shasta County Superior Court Judge Stephen H. Baker heard arguments on Tuesday in an election contest brought by Laura Hobbs, who ran for Shasta County Supervisor earlier this year. Hobbs lost the District 2 race to Allen Long by 14 votes. Hobbs alleged numerous election irregularities, including malconduct by election officials. Baker is expected to conclude the trial on Wednesday.

Hobbs’ attorney Alex Haberbush, who is also an attorney for former President Donald Trump’s previous attorney John Eastman, told The Arizona Sun Times after the first day of trial concluded that they were facing at least half a dozen arguments from their opponents as to why their case should be dismissed.

“Today we left with only one, whether malconduct by election workers must be intentional.” He said, “Intentionality is not the standard, and the misconduct by Deputy Registrar of Voters Joanna Francescut easily surpassed the actual standard.”

Hobbs, a self-described MAGA candidate who supports hand-counting ballots, said to The Sun Times, “It was a victory on many fronts; the trial is proceeding nicely and I’m glad the judge is willing to consider and accept the evidence. Alex is doing a stellar job representing me.”

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