Increasing Number of Illegal Immigrants Expected to Vote for Democrats in the 2024 Election

Illegal immigrants may legally vote in U.S. elections, thanks to a loophole in federal law that provides an escape from any penalties and have their votes counted if they believe they are legally eligible to participate in an election.

Analysis by The Washington Times found that illegal immigrants are three times more likely to be Democrats than Republicans, and due to increasing numbers coming illegally across the border under the Biden administration, are expected to increase their votes for Democrats this fall.

The Times recently analyzed prosecutions of 37 noncitizens who voted in the 2016 election, and found that registered Democrats outnumbered the Republicans by a 3-1 ratio. While they all voted in federal election years, one regularly voted in municipal elections too. Many states do not prohibit them from voting in local and state elections.

On the Tucker Carlson Network Tuesday, Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote explained to Tucker Carlson that Title 18 of U.S. code states that noncitizens can vote if at the time they vote, they believe they are U.S. citizens. 18 U.S. Code 611(c)(3) states that the prohibition on noncitizens voting doesn’t apply if “the alien reasonably believed at the time of voting in violation of such subsection that he or she was a citizen of the United States.” Consequently, states merely require those seeking to register to vote to check a box indicating that they are a citizen.

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