Hundreds Show Up for Kari Lake Rally with Former ICE Director Tom Homan Addressing Border Security

Hundreds showed up for a rally in Scottsdale with Kari Lake and former acting ICE Director Tom Homan Wednesday evening. The event focused on the problems related to Arizona’s border with Mexico, the surge in illegal immigrants under the Biden administration, the increase in crime, including rapes and sexual assaults, and the fentanyl crisis.

Lake began her speech, “What happens on the border, doesn’t stay on the border. It goes to all 50 states. This isn’t Vegas.”

She blamed the Biden administration and noted that the left has been “working nonstop to destroy Trump for eight years now.”

As the former news anchorwoman typically does, she went after the mainstream media, labeling them “complete Marxists in media.” They are “trying to poison our minds and brainwash us.” She said, “It’s an attempt to make us hate the good guy,” Trump. She asked the crowd if they missed Trump’s mean tweets, and they roared “Yes!” Lake said she preferred them “over some bumbling guy who can’t even find the door to the White House.”

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