How Blake Masters manipulates The Gateway Pundit to falsely portray Mark Brnovich as a 'do-nothing RINO'

The desperate campaign of Blake Masters for U.S. Senate in Arizona is imploding, as it's emerging that his accusations of opponent Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich as a "do-nothing RINO" are false.  The latest one involved ballots sent out to Maricopa County voters containing a small glass window that revealed the political party on the ballot. Here is my coverage of if - while it's disturbing, it's not a crime.

The Gateway Pundit went into hysterics over it, labeleling it illegal. Someone submitted a public records request to Brnovich asking for an investigation, and the AG responded and explained how it wasn't a crime. So GP ran a hit piece accusing Brnovich of ignoring election fraud.  (And even threw in a separate accusation in their story about being able to see through ballot envelopes since the paper isn't thick enough - something they did not bring up to the AG.)

In their zest to falsely smear Brnovich, they ignored the REAL story, which is that Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer very likely — according to a state legislator — set the clear window up to show the political party in order to cause paranoia on the right and make us all look stupid overreacting and thinking it's a crime. No other reputable publication will even touch this issue now, since GP's coverage looks so ridiculous.  

Another one of Masters' stories that he fed to GP lied about Brnovich's association with RINO election fraud denier Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer. Even though I clearly debunked this lie way back in May,  it was brought up as a fact during Trump's rally in Arizona Friday night. 

There are many more stories just like this. If a candidate needs to feed constant lies to a right-wing media outlet in order to win, is that a candidate that Trump should have endorsed?

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