Hey Dummy, Voter Fraud Is Real!

Riddle me this: If voter fraud didn’t occur and Brainless Biden received so many votes – more than Obama – where was all the celebration?  He literally would be the greatest Democrat in the modern era.

Where was the ticker-tape parade? An Inauguration Party featuring performer after performer would be a given. Everyone gushing over his 80 million votes!

This isn’t just a win! This is a MANDATE. The voters have spoken. We want Joe to save America. Save the World. Save the Universe.

Yet no one, No One, NO ONE uttered the key word: Mandate. Not Nancy, Not Chuck, Not Kamala – though she made it to the top by going on lots and lots of “Man-Dates” – Great role model for aspiring women looking to break through the glass ceiling.

Brainless Biden, when criticized on policy, never, ever says the people spoke via the ballot. They want what I and the Democrats want; they believe in our policies, and we only answer to them. Not some small group of naysayers.

Liberals don’t gloat, don’t yell and scream, don’t say Mandate every other word. Why? They were obviously concerned about their voter fraud.

You can only make these statements immediately after the election, not four months later. They knew their over-the-top narrative could bite them in the ass if fraud was legally discovered and overturned the results. Simply wasn’t worth the risk.

This brings us to state audits. If you truly believe your candidate won, why use every tool in your legal briefcase to stop recounts? This isn’t logical. Wouldn’t you want the public to see Brainless Biden truly won the election? And audits would do just that – verify the enormous quantity of votes he received.

Instead, the Liberals fight tooth-and-nail at the mere mention of fraud. Look at their actions in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to name a few. The Lefties literally do not want the votes to be recounted. WHY?

They have to be afraid of something. What would that something be: The Truth.
The Liberals know the election was stolen.

The best way to hide such an event? Don’t speak about it and sure as Hell don’t go looking.

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” 
 – Vladimir Lenin

Biden is President. No Voter Fraud Occurred. Biden is President. No Voter Fraud Occurred.

Author’s Note: I am NOT a Trumper-For-Life, and we don’t need to love him. But to save the America we once knew, there has to be a new movement within the Republican Party backed by Trump:
It’s All Bullsh*t: We Only Have One Bullet Left…TRUMP