Gina Godbehere Jumps into Maricopa County Attorney Primary Race Against Incumbent Rachel Mitchell

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell will face the same challenger in the Republican primary this year as she did in the 2022 special election Gina Godbehere.

Godbehere announced her campaign last week. The Maricopa County Supervisors chose Mitchell in early 2022 to replace the previous county attorney, Alistar Adel, who resigned from office due to health issues. Adel passed away in 2022. Mitchell has accumulated considerable criticism from Republicans for actions such as representing the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) twice, asking for sanctions against Kari Lake’s election attorneys.

“Our path forward demands a brave leader who will confront rising crime, restore trust in cherished institutions, and ensure justice and accountability for all,” Godbehere (pictured above) said in her announcement, “areas where the current administration has notably failed.” She said in the next two months, she will outline the failures of the current administration “and the dangerous implications of maintaining the status quo.”

Bryan Blehm, who is representing Lake in her lawsuit challenging election wrongdoing in her gubernatorial race, told The Arizona Sun Times, “Maricopa County is long overdue for effective leadership in the county attorney’s office. That office needs significant change starting with the lifetime tenure attorneys.”

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