‘Get Trump’ Virtual Conference on Lawfare Speakers Poke Holes in January 6 and Trump Legal Cases

The Arizona civic organization Davos in the Desert hosted a “Get Trump” virtual conference on lawfare Tuesday, featuring some of the country’s top lawfare experts.

Linda Denno, an associate dean and associate professor at the University of Arizona who hosts a podcast with Berkeley constitutional law professor John Yoo, spoke about Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump for taking home documents from the White House to his Mar-a-Lago residence. Brian Lupo, an investigative journalist who runs a podcast focusing on election corruption and lawfare, spoke about the unfair prosecutions of the January 6 protesters.

Speaking in her personal capacity, Denno relayed that her non-MAGA conservative friends tell her the documents case is the strongest case for prosecution against Trump. She said they point to him not being completely “compliant” with every demand from the Department of Justice and National Records and Archives Administration. She went over why they are wrong and pointed out that the law authorizes Trump as president to declassify all the documents he took to Mar-a-Lago.

Denno said Smith violated the documents law he’s prosecuting Trump over. Smith’s prosecution team jumbled up the documents in the boxes they seized from Mar-a-Lago, transferring some to other boxes and allowing a third party to examine them.

“How do we know classified documents weren’t planted in those boxes?” she asked.

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