Freedom From Religion Foundation Files Complaint with IRS Against Mesa Church After GOP Candidate Addresses Event

The Wisconsin-based, “freethought” watchdog Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) filed a complaint with the IRS against the Redeemer Apostolic Church in Mesa after pastor and CD 4 candidate Jerone Davis appeared at a prayer revival event hosted by America’s Revival, which is separate from the church. Davison was endorsed there by the founder of America’s Revival, Pastor Joshua Feuerstein. The FFRF wants the church’s tax-exempt status revoked, asserting that it crossed the line into the type of political activity that nonprofit 501(c)(3)s are prohibited from engaging in.

Feuerstein, who is not on staff with the church, told The Arizona Sun Times it was part of an effort pastors are making around the country to push back and show they’re not afraid of exercising their First Amendment rights. “Unlike other cowardly clergy, I refuse to be silenced or muzzled by any government entity, including the IRS. If they did it would be an absolute violation of my First Amendment rights. It’s why I’m challenging them to the fight and why they won’t fight me …. When I prevail, every other pastor would realize that the IRS are toothless tigers … and they don’t want anyone to know that.”

According to the FFRF, which linked to a video of the event that has subsequently been taken down, Feuerstein stated, ‘I’m going to do something illegal. The IRS tells me that because I’m a preacher, then I’m legally not allowed to endorse a candidate… I’m just going to say this and broadcast it around the world, and I’m going to look the IRS right in the face: ‘My name is Joshua Feuerstein, the founder of America’s Revival, and tonight I officially endorse Jerone Davison for Congress of the United States of America.’ And let me say to the IRS: ‘Come at me, bro.’”

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