Former Maricopa Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan Makes Bid for Sheriff, Vows to Restore Trust and Leadership to the Office

Jerry Sheridan is running for Maricopa County Sheriff and cites his experience running the jails there as a significant reason why he is the most qualified. Sheridan previously served as chief deputy under acclaimed former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The veteran law man joins former Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead, who entered the race last week – pitting the two heavyweights against each other.

In an interview with The Arizona Sun Times, Sheridan said he intends to make election integrity a priority. “The sheriff can investigate fraud, and oversee the security of elections,” he said. He said he attends seminars to educate himself about the issue in order to “know how to spot it.” One aspect that concerns him, he said, is that Democrats appear to be placing voters on the rolls immediately before elections and then removing them afterward.

Sheridan pointed to the radical leftist group “Chicanos por la Causa,” who he said has access to the voter rolls.

The Sun Times reported in December 2023 about leftist groups being granted access. Other leftist groups with similar access include Mi Familia Vota, Equality Arizona, Inspire 2 Vote, One Arizona, Rock the Vote, and The Civics Center. Additionally, three other organizations that nominally sound nonpartisan but lean to the left were the Arizona Student’s Association, the Phoenix Indian Center, and the Arizona Center for Disability Law.

Sheridan (pictured above) watched the documentary “State of Denial,” which was released in December, and said it was “very disturbing.” The film featured interviews with We the People AZ Alliance and Kari Lake’s attorneys discussing the illegal activity in Maricopa County’s 2022 election.

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