This article is the first-ever report to describe a previously secret, 90-year-old U.S. government agency that is actually the most powerful entity in the country. The information, never before revealed to the American public, was compiled by the author by analyzing current events, studying the past nine decades of history, and using his imagination and satiric sensibilities to put two and two together.

The name of this agency is the Government-Military-Industry-Press Partnership (GMIPP). It is a secret Deep-State entity created in the early to mid-1930s—during the beginning years of FDR’s administration, as administration officials were creating alphabet soups of numerous “New Deal” agencies to address the Great Depression, as Hitler was indicating his military ambitions in Europe, and as the United States' own imperialistic ambitions were growing.

It is not clear to the author how much the president or Congress knew about this agency at the time. The GMIPP’s funding was apparently mixed up with that of other government and military departments, probably in “miscellaneous” categories. And that is still the case today. This is not a regular type of agency that the president or Congress gets briefings on, or whose actions they have to approve in legislation or hearings. Rather, this organization is the deepest of the Deep State, and the people behind it are far more powerful and permanent than any here-today, gone-tomorrow politicians.

What exactly is the GMIPP?

The GMIPP is comprised of the most elite, most entrenched US government and military operatives in the areas of national “defense” (ie, war-making), intelligence, foreign affairs, and international finance; the largest corporations performing work in those areas (such as defense contractors and investment firms); and the most powerful media executives. Although membership is predominantly American, there are also many Western European representatives in the partnership. And today, many GMIPP members are also apparently part of the World Economic Forum and other elitist globalist institutions. The precise membership of the GMIPP is uncertain, because all members have always been sworn to secrecy, with the penalty of death for anyone violating their oath. Nevertheless, one is free to make reasonable guesses regarding at least some of the members.

The primary objectives of the GMIPP are—and always have been—to spread American imperialism and military intervention in foreign countries—along with associated propaganda—in order to advance the financial interests of the largest US-based corporations and the powers of the government/industrial elite class, while simultaneously controlling the thoughts of regular Americans and distracting their attention away from their seemingly endless, unsolvable domestic economic and social problems.

As the most powerful entity in the United States—and probably the world—the GMIPP has worked behind the scenes to directly cause many of the most momentous historic events since World War II. Following is a partial list of these events, as deduced by the author.

GMIPP timeline

Circa 1934 – The GMIPP is secretly established by Deep State operatives, but several years are spent recruiting the necessary members from the intelligence community, military, industry, and media to be able to effectively implement the group’s objectives.

1941 – The GMIPP withholds information about the planned Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, so that the attack will come as a “surprise” to the public, resulting in widespread American support for US entry into World War II.

1945 – Despite government and military knowledge that Japan is about to surrender and end the war, the GMIPP pushes for the United States to drop two atomic bombs on Japan and to claim that this was “necessary” to force the surrender of Japan. The organization wants to demonstrate its awesome power to the world. Nuclear weapons will be a major source of profits for GMIPP members from this point on.

Earlier in 1945, GMIPP operatives make sure that the sickly, weak, dying President Roosevelt attending the Yalta Conference agrees to let the Soviet Union retain control of Poland and other satellite states—thereby setting the stage for decades of “Cold War” conflict and guaranteed profiteering by US weapons manufacturers and other war-mongers.

1950s and 1960s – This period is the height of the Cold War anti-Russia, anti-China, anti-communist fear-mongering and mass hysteria in the United States, which was engineered from the start by the GMIPP. The engineered hysteria leads to a number of US military interventions, including the Korean War, the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, and the Vietnam War. 

1961 – In his farewell address, President Eisenhower—the former supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe and a man who understands the evils of war better than most politicians—warns the American public about the grave dangers of the GMIPP. However, to avoid being killed by GMIPP operatives, he does not use the organization’s name. Rather, he refers to it as “the military-industrial complex.”

1963 – By this point, the GMIPP has grown increasingly frustrated with President Kennedy, because of the botched Bay of Pigs invasion, the peaceful resolution of the Cuban missile crisis, and the president’s reluctance to get US forces more deeply involved in Vietnam. The organization concludes that Kennedy is a serious impediment to its goals, so it arranges for his assassination. GMIPP tool Johnson then becomes president and gladly does the group’s bidding. The Vietnam War will continue until the US defeat in 1975. The war results in vast amounts of deaths of Americans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, and others—and vast profits for the military-industrial complex. (The GMIPP also kills Robert Kennedy in 1968 for his plans to end the Vietnam War.)

1974 – The GMIPP engineers a coup in Chile to depose its socialist president and install a military dictatorship. This coup is one of the better known of scores of such US foreign interventions over the decades, all designed to spread American imperialism and hegemony around the world for the profit of GMIPP members. Although some of these coups/interventions have become publicly known (though still denied by the US government), others remain unknown.

1960s to 1980s – GMIPP operatives sow seeds of war and chaos throughout the Middle East and Central America, leading to such events as the endless Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, social upheaval and fighting in Iran and Iraq, and civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador. These conflicts all reflect the GMIPP’s rhyming motto that “Global Chaos Means Profits for Us.”

1990 – Because the Cold War with the Soviet Union has essentially ended with the impending collapse of the Soviet government, the GMIPP focuses on Iraq and its leader, Saddam Hussein, as the new US bogeyman and the new source of military adventure and arms profiteering, leading to the Gulf War.

2001 – GMIPP operatives arrange for the “surprise” (just like Pearl Harbor) al Qaeda terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC. They know that this will guarantee decades of new, highly profitable “war-on-terror” fighting in Afghanistan and around the world in selected locations, as well as restrictions on Americans’ freedom (which is always useful to the GMIPP agenda).

2003 – Using bogus claims of “weapons of mass destruction,” GMIPP stooge Bush Junior launches another war against Iraq’s leader Hussein, deposing him and hanging him in 2006. The resulting power vacuum increases regional chaos and instability, much to the delight of the GMIPP.

2011 – Much more regional chaos and instability is created when GMIPP stooges Obama and Rodham Clinton depose and murder Libyan leader Qaddafi.

2017 to 2021 – The GMIPP faces the greatest challenges to its power since its creation, during the presidency of Donald Trump, one of the most anti-war presidents in US history. Although Trump promotes profitable work for weapons manufacturers, many of his international policies go against the GMIPP’s conflict-and-chaos agenda. For example, he pursues peaceful, friendly relations with Russia and North Korea, and he makes moves to finally end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Consequently, GMIPP operatives spend four years trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency, such as with the “Russia collusion” hoax, the first impeachment, the rigged 2020 election (to get the senile sock-puppet Biden in office), and finally allegations of “insurrection” and the second impeachment. The GMIPP rejoices when Trump is kicked out of office.

2020 and 2021 – GMIPP operatives exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to get Americans more used to swallowing blatant bullshit propaganda and accepting restrictions on free speech and independent thinking.  

2022 – The GMIPP is angered when senile sock-puppet Biden confusingly and mistakenly orders American troops to withdraw from Afghanistan. However, GMIPP operatives soon make up for that loss by finally grabbing for their ultimate long-sought goal—direct nuclear war with Russia! They hope to achieve this previously thought-to-be-impossible goal by, first, provoking Russia into attacking Ukraine as a response to purposeful threats to Russia’s national security and, then, worsening those threats through NATO expansion and draconian economic sanctions. The immediate result is profit for GMIPP members from the war in Ukraine. But the hoped-for eventual result is maximum global chaos, instability, death, and destruction from a nuclear World War III—the wettest wet dream of the military-industrial complex and the gravest danger that President Eisenhower had in mind in his farewell address. The GMIPP firmly believes that the American sheep—now sufficiently trained to be obedient, accepting, and compliant as a result of the COVID restrictions—will actually support nuclear war!

Always gets what it wants

These are the main GMIPP-caused events that the author has been able to compile to date. Of course, there are undoubtedly many additional events. And, if the current quest for nuclear war does not work out according to the GMIPP’s plan, the organization will surely come up with an alternate plan to advance its agenda of global chaos, conflict, and destruction. This much is certain: One way or another, the GMIPP always finds a way to get what it wants.

The author hopes that the information and revelations provided in this article will help Americans to comprehend why their country and the world have become as totally fucked up as they are today, as well as to understand who is responsible for the current dystopian situation. And he advises people to get used to it, because things are going to get a lot worse. That’s what the GMIPP wants.

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