escape from society

It seems like I get worked up into a hot anger every day over politics—things that I can’t do anything about. I get mad about almost everything in the news these days. I get mad about braindead Biden and the fascist Democrats, mad about the stupid spineless Republicans, mad about more and more weapons and money to Ukraine, mad about the corruption of every large institution in this country, mad about the never-ending Covid nonsense, the tranny nonsense, the racial nonsense, and all the other insanity and nonsense going on today. I watch Tucker most every night and agree with most everything he says, but that only serves to get me even more angry. And then I think, what’s the point? There’s not a damn thing I can do about any of the crazy shit. So why get worked up over it?

I always find it amazing at how easily all the built-up anger disappears as soon as I step outside my house and look up into the night sky to gaze at the stars. Last night, a big bright moon, Jupiter, and Saturn were all visible, along with the stars. Looking up at the cosmos always calms my soul, clears my mind, and generates a sense of inner peace. The same thing happens whenever I go for a walk in the forest or get into any other natural environment. Nature is pure and good. People are corrupted and bad. That’s how I feel.

Nature is always there for us, providing a wonderful, if only temporary, escape from the human bullshit that is forever flung at us from the TV, radio, Internet, cell phone, etc.

free verse poetry

Pondering all this, I came back into my house last night and wrote a free verse poem that I call “escape from society.” I set the words to a slow drum beat, added a psychedelic image, and put the video on YouTube. It’s about escaping to timeless nature and freedom, away from all the lies and corruption and chains of today's human society. It’s pretty weird, like me, and it’s certainly not great poetry, but the words accurately and honestly reflect my feelings:

Turn off the TV
Get rid of the radio
Don’t buy the newspapers
Disconnect from the Internet
Smash up your cell phone
Destroy your computer
Quit your job at the big greedy corporation
Ignore all the lying politicians
Do not believe the so-called scientists
Do not ever go to a doctor or a lawyer

You’ve got to escape from society
Get away from all the human bullshit
Go live in a remote forest
All by yourself
With the wild plants and the wild animals
And the rocks and the soil
And the water and the wind and the air
The oxygen and the carbon dioxide
And the sun
You’re under all the twinkling stars
And the bright moon and the planets
You are in pure nature, nature, nature, nature

You are all alone
But you’re connected
You’re in the universe, the cosmos
In the Milky Way galaxy
You’re circling a yellow star
You’re on a blue and green planet
It’s a beautiful world
Except for those evil human beings
The people
Those people who have corrupted 
And polluted this planet

But don’t worry, they will one day all be gone
And the planet Earth will remain
For billions and billions of years to come
With the plants and the animals
Always evolving, evolving
And you will be there
You will be there all alone
But connected, connected
To nature, to nature, to nature
And God

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