Deer Valley Unified School District Board Member Paul Carver Offers Insights for Parents Concerned with K-12 Issues Today

A couple of Arizona’s largest school districts have been rocked with scandals lately, mainly over administrations trying to implement woke agendas.

However, the Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD), located in northwest Phoenix and surrounding cities, has escaped much of the controversy. Paul Carver, who sits on the governing board, said he believes it is because his district stresses transparency and teamwork. He said the superintendent has regular interfaith meetings, which have been transferred to Zoom since COVID-19, and the superintendent and many board members try to include everyone regardless of demographics.

Carver,, whose background and degree is in business, has had children in the district and has also home-schooled occasionally. He is the chair of the Republican Legislative District (LD) 2. He speaks to his LD and adjacent LDs about DVUSD, which sprawls into parts of Glendale and Peoria. He’s offered to speak to Democratic LDs, too, but so far, they have not responded.

Carver has only served on the governing board for over a year but is already making positive changes. When he saw that masks were banned in Arizona, he made sure the district’s policy was updated to comply. He helped bring school resource officers, who are police officers, into the schools located in Peoria. He started a project with a fellow board member, providing shoes for families in need who live in the district and encouraging people to donate over 250 pairs. The Arizona Rattlers spotted the program and joined in.

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