COVID Continues: Death By Shopping!

President Biden, immediately upon taking office, mandated the use of masks for 100 Days. No explanation on the randomness of 100 versus 101 or 99.  Some have even suggested wearing them into 2022

Where is the logic!  If the virus was so lethal, so contagious, how did many millions of Americans manage to shop at “Essential Stores” and not die? How can this be? It is impossible to shop without touching everything.

A large group of Scientists have pointed-out the absurdities surrounding all this madness. Actually, the flu is more dangerous to our society than COVID.

For one moment, let’s set aside the Scientists. They are still working in labs and studying data. These Doctors never had the ability to conduct enormous field studies on COVID safety.

Well, SINCE APRIL 2020, such an experiment has been going on daily across a large part of our country. Certain states only allow their citizens to shop at Big-Box Stores. Other areas are more open, but even in those regions, there was a time when you could only shop at certain merchants.

At some point, nearly all of us went to these Box Store types. We were part of the “experiment” without even knowing it. Very few of us use medically approved masks. Nor do we wear gloves or properly disinfect our clothes upon returning home. No, we are wearing pieces of cloth not designed to be used as medical masks; these garments allow germs both to enter and exit.

We didn’t hear horrendous tales featuring Wal-Mart employees dying by the tens of thousands because the stories don’t exist. Or, are they really just that good at sanitizing? Give me a break. I’ve been to those stores, and they aren’t exactly a sterile environment. Maybe they wiped down a few carts?  Wow!

And the employees wearing both masks and gloves? Constantly touching their faces all while handling items and money?  I know of no one who witnessed an employee constantly changing gloves – you would need to because once something is touched, the gloves are contaminated. And the masks being worn are about as far from medical as one can get.

I got it! Not one single person who had COVID – knowing or unknowingly – EVER entered a BIG-BOX STORE. There we go. Question solved. No one got sick because no one sick went there! Nah. Statistically impossible. It would be like saying Biden received more votes than Obama without cheating.

Maybe the employees are doing such a great job, and I – plus others – don’t see it. As shoppers, we need to match their diligence and do our part. Let’s take a trip to one of those Box Stores and do a little shopping.

I go into said store with my hands sanitized upon entering – select a supposedly clean cart.  (We will say I have a mask on – though, as you will see it doesn’t make a difference.)

Produce. I go through the apples. Select a few. Handle a few onions, before buying one. Go through the potatoes. After touching quite a few, I finally select the best. Same with grapes. Sort them out, put in a bag.

Now, think about the rest of your journey down the aisles. I touch cans and put them back. May have picked-up a dented one. Or those dreaded peaches instead of delicious pears. All while breathing through my mask, hearing others coughing, sneezing and seeing people touch items in every aisle.

At some point, my eyeglasses fall forward, so I have to fix them. And the mask seemingly always needs to be adjusted. And I am not the only one. I watch others doing the exact same motions,

Now, the meat department. Bacon is tricky. I look at six or more packages to find the one with the least fat. Same with other products. Who doesn’t want the best steaks or the leanest roast? This Red-Blooded American sure does! And I move them around to find the choice cuts, all while continuing to breathe through my cloth.

Time for my favorite section: Milk. I buy a few gallons, but only after going through and selecting the ones with the longest expiration date. Those are at the back. More touching and a lot more exhaling.

I am tired of shopping and want out. Time to go through the check-out line.

The clerk has a mask on, behind a very bizarre shield – all sides open, can even reach over the top – and she sanitizes the counter while I check my text messages.

I place everything by hand on the conveyor belt. Clerk picks up groceries, one by one, and scans away. A young man bags the items and places them in my cart. Gloves are seemingly optional for employees.

I then pay for the groceries, take the cart and go on my merry way.

SIMPLE LOGIC: Masks Are Worthless

I touched dozens of items.  What about all the customers before me?  Did any of them have the dreaded COVID? Nothing was sanitized before or after I handled it.  Have you seen employees running up and down the aisles, disinfecting like mad?

Did everyone not inhale or exhale while shopping? What about the customers coughing, sneezing, wheezing and wiping their noses?

There is no Pandemic.  There Never Was!

Millions upon millions had the same shopping experience, but the virus didn’t spread like wildfire.  It wasn’t the efforts of the stores.  It wasn’t the lousy pieces of cloth which stopped nothing.

No, we were “subjects” in a barely controlled test environment. We went through the stores and nothing happened to us; even though we touched everything and breathed.  Yes, the virus exists. But we confirmed what the intelligent Scientists have been saying since the beginning: This is just another virus.

It isn’t the Monster portrayed by the media.  They are super excited about COVID mutations, but unfortunately, the current vaccine will still work according to virtually all leading Scientists.

COVID is simply a Liberal method being used to suppress our Freedoms as they grow the size of state and federal governments. They believe bigger government is better for the citizens. I don’t.

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.
- Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda


Though Revised, original printed at Scragged.
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