COVID-19 Thoughts Part 92: Will The Church be Silenced in the 2020's?

I admit that I do troll certain people; people that I was once acquainted with.  Some of them are downright children and mere infants…compared to someone like myself.  It's not hard to do, thanks to social media…cause if I can see it…so can everyone else.  One of the posts that I came across was from a choir girl who once sang in my city’s local children’s community ensemble.  Just recently she posted on the “review” page of a local church in Wichita, Kansas; claiming it was not a loving church.  These “reviews” also appear on the person’s personal page as well.  I looked at the page myself, and realized that it's not just the former choir girl, but a whole lot of people.  I have come to the conclusion that most of these people did not really attend this church, but rather are protesting their "Statement of Faith and Standards of Living" rules.

So, what are they protesting?  Five simple rules that the church as set up for those who want to volunteer with the church that they feel is not loving and accepting of the LGBTQ+ and those who chose not to get married.  There are also rules that prohibit the use of illegal drugs and consuming alcohol excessively.  The big problem to these leftist progressives regardless if they are honest born-again Christians (they do exist and they will be in Heaven) is the thinking that if the church is loving…they must accept people for what they are…even if the Bible says they are living in sin.  Just let God deal with it, they say.  We must “love these sinners” and out of that “love” we must affirm them and their sins.  What is the problem here?  If you can’t repent of certain sins, then you shouldn't represent the face of our church.   Why is that a statement of Hate?

What is really going on here, is the typical Saul Alinsky tactics of ‘picking the target, freezing the target, personalizing it, and finally polarizing it.’  The goal is to either get this church to come around to the LGBTQ+/post sexual revolution radicals way of thinking, or get enough people to either shut them down or even make them out to be criminals that must be put into the clink, “reprogramed,” or worse exterminated for the greater good of the loving and tolerant society.

The church in question calls themselves NewSpring Church.  Its pastor Mark Hoover has been its senior pastor since 1985, which has been nearly 36 years.  Now on the surface it’s your typical evangelical church that has embraced the current Contemporary Worship fads and sketches and special effects to get the people's attention.  While I tend to have issues with these kinds of churches that have abandoned historical liturgy (which held up church worship for years), I also feel that while liturgy is important to the church, it’s secondary to the preaching and teaching of the full account of God’s Word.  I mean the full account from Genesis to Revelation.  I would even support a church with no music, no bright lights (expect for getting around church and being able to read), no f/x.  Just the reading and teaching of the word…but that’s another commentary.

The $64,000 Question that needs to be asked is this.  Is Pastor Mark preaching the full account of the Word of God?  Is his church trying to mirror Christ in the best way they know how?  Do they call out God’s known truths and laws to be absolutely True?  Are they a loving church based on God’s terms and not what the LGBTQ+ radicals and other leftists say what a loving church is?  If the answer is Yes to all of these parts of that big money question, then these Facebook reviewers are themselves trolls and are basically using Saul Alinsky’s scare tactics in a new old-fashioned way.

The LGBTQ+ community has been able to advance their cause because of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, coupled with making their cause noble.  But Alinsky taught his would be radicals well, regardless if they are Gay or Straight.  At the moment you preach peace, but once you get the power, use the guns and bullets that you have acquired against those who will not submit to the Rainbow Jahid or whatever cause you want to forward. 

Erwin W. Lutzer, Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church in Chicago, recently wrote a book that was published during the Holiday Season of 2020 called We Will Not Be Silenced. Dr. David Jeremiah (of Shadow Mountain Community Church and Turning Point Ministries) wrote the book’s forward declaring that if he could, he would put Lutzer’s latest book “into the hands of every Christian in America.”  Other positive reviews of the book also come from Tony Evans (of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and The Urban Alternative), Eric Metaxas (New York Times best selling author and radio talk show host), and syndicated columnist Cal Thomas.  It is a simple but a substance read.  Lutzer points out the progressives’ long game, and especially points out the tactics and certain writings of Saul Alinsky and how they have won much of the culture war, as well as similar events that NewSprings Church is going through.  The book also points in each chapter, how the church should react to how the left is rewriting history, using Diversity is another tool to preach disunity, the sexualization of children and the promotion of socialism as the cure rather than the disease.  The chapters then end with a prayer to God regarding each of the confrontations the church must face in proclaiming God’s truth.  Silenced is not a book on how to save America, but rather a book that the church needs to boldly claim God’s Holy Word towards a culture who loathes and hates it and will murder those who just don’t make them “Feel Good.”

The ball is in our court.  Do we stand bold for the Gospel, or do we cower to the faux god named Lucifer and those he has convinced to do his evil will?

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