COVID-19 Thoughts Part 91: Will Conservatives suffer for the DC Insurrection

On Friday, several conservative media personalities (including Ben Shaprio and Tucker Carlson) gave a heads up on the crackdown of conservative speech on social media, and they used the riots at the “Stop The Steal Rally” in DC as their ends to justify the means.  While 90 percent of Americans (left and right) opposed this insurrection and declared that this is wrong, the left is still going to use this to marginalize those who will not bow down to their agenda and continue to dissent. 

The late feminist radical Anne Nicol Gaylor who was an advocate for abortion (preborn baby murder and calling it "a blessing") and Church/State separation once said; “There can be no true religious liberty, without the freedom to dissent.”  Sadly, like most leftist radicals; the freedom to dissent goes one away and against not only the founding principles of America but also against the faiths of Christianity and Judaism.  Lest we forget that the American Left approved of the George Floyd riots that were conducted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM).  These riots only helped “Forward” the cause of the progressive Marxist left.

The Biden/Harris line is talking about coming together and unifying under their political party, their worldview, the brave new America.  However, like any other political figures especially Democrats and/or progressives, Biden and Harris speak with forked tongues and condemned everyone who voted for Donald Trump as criminals, who must be rounded up and taken away or whatever.  The danger is that such events can happen in an attempt to reach the utopia that they seek.  The left would love to make Donald J. Trump a criminal and put him in a prison built specifically for him far away from society in hopes that the man who dared challenged Hillary Clinton would suffer great pain and lose all sanity.  Now do you see why the left loves locking down in people’s homes and social distancing?  It is by design, to promote another form of disunity and cause physiological damage to many people while the left can exploit it, so they can sell their snake oil as they began their steal of America once and for all.

For the time being however, the leftists that run our major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) can only just ban Donald J. Trump…just for opposing the progressive cause…period.  They really can’t pin something on him, and then drag it out for their clown show.  Meanwhile conservatives have begun the exodus to alternative media platforms like Parler and MeWe.  However, these same social sites are now going to have to build their own platforms or whatever because of the pressure to embrace the same censorship and fact checking that are imposed on the users of Facebook and Twitter.  The Democratic Party/Progressive agenda must be parroted by all.  You can’t not dissent from it.

It reminds me of that scene in the first season finale of Power Rangers Beast Morphers when the title character’s arch enemy Evox declares that his enemies are going to suffer now he is free from his super computer prison thanks to his robot body built by his hench generals.  Well, the Democrats in the real world are no different, now that they have majority rule in the federal government…and could not care if those majorities are razor thin…long game people…they are playing the long game.  They will continue to ban and censor those who dare challenge the progressive left and its worldview.  They will try to embolden the brown shirts in whatever group the Democrats and other leftists can use to make America another miserable place for the common people to live.  Regardless if that is BLM, Antifa, and above all the LGBTQ+ Jihad.

Speaking of the LGBTQ+/Rainbow Jihad, watch the left attempt to pass the so-called Equality Act which may very well become law, and that law will be used as a weapon of persecution against Christians and others who don’t want to deal with their sexual lifestyles.  Finally, they will be able to take out the Denver area baker who just not does “love them” or “respect them” for the way they like to do things in the bedroom or their “marriages.”  The left can try to bring back a Fairness Doctrine in which the media can’t dissent from the zeitgeist of the day.  We just need to accept the spirit of the age, and just forget about the Jesus guy who died on the cross and never really rose again, while embracing an earthly messiah that you can touch, feel, see, and hear and you know that they can move the human race forward.  I am not saying that Joe Biden is the anti-Christ…I strongly doubt it.  Kamala Harris…you never know, the anti-Christ could be a woman, I am really believing now that could be possible.  Women after all have been a great weapon for the devil to use to destroy civilizations, including future ones…and yes that does include women killing their offspring in their very wombs.  Least we forget that C.S. Lewis made Jadis (aka The White Witch because of her skin color which came about because she ate forbidden fruit) a strong and powerful woman of pure evil.  Jadis is built likely on Eve (but not Eve herself) and the Jewish legends of Lilith.  Just a thought…cool down kids.

Conservatives and above all Christians should not fear being silenced and actually should be prepared to die for the cause of not only liberty and freedom; but their faith.  I shall discuss that in a future piece.

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