COVID-19 Thoughts Part 81: COVID-19 Lockdowns are really a Soviet Marxist Experment

There have been health pandemics in the past, and should the Lord tarry, there be more in the future.  When it comes to dealing with such pandemics, the Holy Bible makes this crystal clear.  The only ones to be quarantined are people who have been infected with the sickness at hand.  Those who are known to be healthy should be and must be allowed to go on with their daily business and allow the economy to function normally in spite of the current health crisis.   

Sadly, with so many embracing a Pagan Humanist Scientism worldview of sometime, these very people actually believe that its humane to lock everyone down in hopes of stopping the spread of COVID-19.  In spite of the evidence that proves that the lockdowns are a proven disaster, many in our government prefer to continue to impose the lockdowns on people anyway.  Why? Well because they can, and second, they don’t want to follow common sense protocols from Holy Scripture because that is not science.  What is science in these small minds more often than not is basically rooted in the ideals of Karl Marx and modern-day statism.

Just recently, the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) hosted an online discussion about the “totalitarian” component of enforced isolation.  The President of C-Fam, Austin Ruse brought on former CIA analyst Stella Morabito who was stationed in the old Soviet Union during the Cold War. Morabito believes that the “stay at home”/lockdown orders are basically putting people into a vault, not for money or valuables but for people who will have their contact with others severely limited.  Morabito compared the lockdown orders to what she called a “weapon of choice” used by the Soviets and other Communist regimes.  “How do you control people? You isolate them. You control their personal relationships, “said Morabito.  She has openly condemned the social isolation and misery imposed on people just to “fight” COVID-19.  Actions that leave people “locked down indefinitely, economically strapped, and demoralized.”  Yet it seems that the “certain power grabbers” are feeling good and getting that buzz all over their pathic bodies knowing they are “in the right place.” 

Morabito warns that the lockdowns will only create more social insolation in the future.  She even dares to call political correctness a “virtual solitary confinement,” in which people self-censor in order to keep certain relationships in their lives for being destroyed.  In the end Individual identity is sacrificed and hostilities between neighbors is the norm.

This was featured in an article written by Raymond Wolfe for  Wolfe also reported on the Great Barrington Declaration in which they call supporters of the COVID-19 lockdowns their bluff.  The Declaration has over 52,000 signatures of doctors and scientists, coupled with 638,000 signatures from the common people; decrying the actions of how COVID-19 is being handled.  It warns of the “damaging physical and mental health impacts” on certain people.  I am finishing up Paul Kengor’s book The Devil and Karl Marx, and I will be talk about the book in an upcoming piece as my COVID-19 Thoughts continue.  Based on the writings of Karl Marx, I doubt he himself would care about the people he has hurt, wounded or even got killed by his worldview.  I will save picking Marx’s mind for that respected piece (well Kengor and all the documents actually did the picking).  I will say if Marx was alive somehow, he would support these various lockdowns.

These lockdowns are just a way for the Left to control people, and once this COVID-19 passes (should it ever pass), the left is likely going to keep us in face masks and isolated for the long term.  Never forget what Morabito said about putting people in isolated vaults.  Their only purpose is social engineering and social control.  The COVID-19 fight is not about fighting the virus, not really at all.  Just another way to fundamental transform America into another Marxist-Maoist Statist Nation.

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