COVID-19 Thoughts Part 80: The Fox News Channel fallout of Election 2020

CNN’s Jake Tapper issued his advice to Fox News Channel (FNC), calming that; “By all accounts, Joe Biden is on the precipice of becoming the next president, fair and square.”  Tapper said that if FNC does just that, their will be a “peaceful transfer of power.”  Of course, CNN is part of the Democrat Party press and has given no love to Donald J. Trump and always was critical of him and his actions as President of the United States.   Rush Limbaugh warned FNC to not give CNN and the major media the gratification that they seek, but sadly that went on deaf ears.

When Fox News Channel caved into the pressure of the major media (aka the Democrat Party press), it basically was giving not only President Trump the raspberry, but actually giving that same razzie to much of its viewership. Basically, they put their audience exactly where the Associated Press and the media cabal wants its news junkies right where they want them.  With egg on their face and shame…for they are dumb and the news media elite are the enlightened ones. I can’t blame the conservative news consumer for being upset and wanting to defect to Trump friendly news outlets like Newsmax and One American News (OAN). 

While boycotts have been a weapon used by conservatives to humble the pagan powers that be in corporations and in government, they don’t always work, and sure switching your loyalties by denying them money can help; but only if there are enough people that agree with you.  Case in point.  While Netflix lost money for its support of the controversial French movie Cuties (which was about preteen age girls engaging in provocative dancing), and showed signs of its growth slowing down, Netflix would rather go for broke…betting that enough people will tap out and move on, in spite of increased competition from the likes of NBCUniversal (Peacock), Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc.  Target is not backing down in its support of transgenders and their “rights” to use the rest room they feel comfortable with at other’s expenses.  Also attempts to boycott the sitcom Married…With Children during the building years of Fox Broadcasting Company not only helped turned the respected sitcom from a cult following to a smash hit show (only with The Simpsons which was spun off from Tracy Ullman's namesake sketch comedy show), it actually helped Fox to become what they long desired…to be THE fourth broadcast network in America.  Without the success of Fox Broadcasting kids, there would likely be no Fox News Channel AT ALL, which brings me to my point.

All of you Fox News hating conservatives want to punish the whole network because they joined with the Democrat Party press cabal and declared Joe Biden the winner.  Fine, they did and it was wrong; but that was their news side and that very news side is no different than ANY OTHER news room in the country.  The people that do “news” basically come from a progressive to liberal minded background…sad but true…and you really should know that by now.  Chris Wallace, John Roberts and even former anchor Shepard Smith (who really made the mistake of leaving Fox News as his new program on CNBC is proving to be a flop) helped make FNC what it is.  If you think the news anchors and reporters were going to be just like Rush Limbaugh, you had another thing coming. 

What FNC helped in their success (other than Roger Ailes for better or worse) was its prime-time lineup, especially Sean Hannity (even if he was paired with liberal Alan Colmes in the network’s early years), Bill O'Reilly, and Democrat turned conservative Megyn Kelly.  Along the way Kelly left, O’Reilly got caught, and Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham were able to succeed them.  They are still holding on to their opinions, especially Carlson and promoting a message of Conservativism.  That in spite of calls from conservatives to break away and join a NewsMax, OAN, Blaze TV (which Levin himself is also a part of), The Daily Wire, knowing that such places are part of the so-called Conservative Tribe….um…well kids…Tucker Carlson is standing his ground and has declared that he and his show are not going anywhere and that he is staying put at Fox News with goals to making his show better.  I say right on Tucker and now to all you MAGA Trump Cheerleaders who may disapprove, let me put a few things in perspective.

Fox News Channel has its news section and its opinion section.  They are not one in the same.  The time has come to treat Tucker, Hannity, and Laura along with the Gutfields, Watters, Judge Pirros, and Mark Levins as opinion.  You must include Stu Varney, Lou Dobbs, and Kennedy (full name Lisa Kennedy Montgomery) who all have shows on sister channel Fox Business Network as opinion makers as well.

Don’t let the left tribalize you if you possibility can.  As pointed out in my last piece there are people leaving Facebook and Twitter for Parler only because the later supports conservative speech.  While you should start a Parler account, I still say let Facebook and Twitter ban you first before you ban them.  Running away from these social sights emboldens them even more to keep doing what they are doing.  Don’t just throw the whole Fox News Channel under the bus just because they got tired of kissing Trump’s ring or better yet, they support Republican establishment if not the secret uni-party which favors enriching themselves at our expensive.  It’s not Carlson’s fault that they did, and I say let Fox News run out Carlson and our favorite conservative personalities first before we demand they find “sanctuary” with someone in our tribal media outlets.

Also, may I remind you that on the radio, there will be pressure from progressive leftist groups to cancel conservative talk radio personalities which are syndicated by the major radio companies in our country…and not just through a possible revival of a “fairness doctrine” of some kind.  Premiere Networks (owned by iHeart Media) syndicates Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Buck Sexton, and the duo Armstrong & Getty.  Westwood One (owned by Cumulus Media) syndicates Mark Levin, Red Eye Radio (hosted by Eric Harley and Gary McNamara and a successor to Bill Mack’s Midnight Cowboy Trucking Show), along with podcasters Dan Bongino, Ben Sharpiro and starting in January Michael Knowles who is replacing Michael Savage in the syndicated offerings.  Those are just the big two syndicators, but make no mistake there is much political pressure to banish them from not only the “public airwaves” but from the web as well.  The left does not tolerate those who don’t think like they do…the enlightened ones.

One last thing, the Progressive Left still wants to conquer the Conservatives.  Every knee shall bow, and every tongue that they are our Lords and Masters…of course they are not such, but you get the ideal.  They want to be like God, and their punishment awaits…just not in this life sadly.

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