COVID-19 Thoughts Part 79: The Social Media Exodus

Many years ago, a prophet of the Jewish faith coupled with the Christian faith in due time, would rescue his own people from an arrogant Pharaoh who ruled over ancient Egypt and was able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle because of the Jewish slaves that were under the Pharaoh’s iron fist.  We all know this as the Yeẓi’at Miẓrayim ('Departure from Egypt’) aka The Exodus.  That very prophet was none other than Moses, who also gave us the Torah aka the first five books of the Holy Bible (including the Book of Exodus) and laid the ground work of the Judeo-Christian faith.

Exodus as defined in most dictionaries is a mass departure of people, especially emigrants.  Today we are seeing a different kind of Exodus taking place.  Not a geographical Exodus, but rather a cyber Exodus.  This cyber Exodus is in regards to the social media websites that are dominated by gate keepers who feel that the First Amendment is being abused and must push back against what they think is “fake news.”  The people that run Facebook and Twitter tend to be leftist progressives, support progressive causes, hate conservatives and are die hard Democrats and supporters of the Democratic Party.  Even the most legit conservative websites and personalities have been fact checked by the Democrat Party/Progressive cyber mob.  Because of this, Mark Levin has brought it upon himself to become a 21st Century Moses and lead his own Exodus…he not a lone wolf in this, but unlike the others he plans to leave FB and Twitter.  Like Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt, Levin is leading the Conservatives out of Facebook and Twitter and towards Parler which has become the fasted growing website at the moment, and it seems that Facebook alternative MeWe is also benefitting from this Social Media Exodus.  

Now let make a few things clear.  FB and Twitter are not ancient Egypt, nor are they Sodom and Gomorrah…but they just as wicked as the former two.  Speaking of the former two, they seem to be just a bit worried about the likes of Parler and MeWe and lesser known social media sites.  Many have tried but failed to really challenge FB and Twitter.  But now in spite of the overload, Parler has become that very threat to FB and Twitter.  They calling it a “right-wing” website, when in reality it’s a First Amendment website, and at the moment the left is welcome to join and get its piece of the Parler cyber pie. 

My DNM’s World page on FB has been flagged so many times for my stance against COVID-19 fascism, coupled with the election results.  Now they are threating to delete my DNM’s World FB page altogether.  I admit to making mistakes and maybe spread certain fake news, but I always tell those who visit my FB page to verify the stories that I link.  That is called doing your own homework…I can’t always verify every story that I come across…plus I have used respected conservative news sites and major news sources as well.   I am not alone in the cyber pushback against the conservatives.  Heck I got “suspended” because I posted something that Hitler’s picture on it…but it served not to support Hitler but expose his words and the evil behind them.  These fact checkers are nothing but the blind leading the blind and that makes them ever more dangerous.  Never forget however, the American Progressive Left supported Hitler and Nazi Germany before they were against them.  They simply seek that Brave New World in which they can tell God to go to Hell and help Lucifer take his place…no foolin.  It’s truly a crime what humans will do to get power and escape God’s judgement.

Here is another issue that has put my DNM’s World page on the endangered list on FB; In spite of the proof that facemasks are not reliable, the left is committed to making us wear them, and I strongly feel that its either about appeasing a fearful left who fears their own mortality (as the should but they don’t want to repent either) or just making China’s Communist Party happy.  On the other hand, the elite left may use facemasks down the road as if they were some kind of Star of David to demoralize certain groups of people and steal their voices and dignity while acquiring more power over most of middle America.  Meanwhile our leaders give President Xi of China a pat on the back.  It seems that the left is all in for Dr. Fauci’s tyranny and the COVID-19 vaccine.  Is it just about oligarchy/crony capitalism as its practiced in it’s worse form in China, and/or their is some rat in the details that excite the minds of conspiracy theorists.  Respected conservatives from Levin and David Limbaugh are being punished by social media for not towing the progressive lines that are being dished out by the major media which Levin himself calls; the “Democrat Party press.”

In the Judeo-Christian world, any institution that gets corrupted and apostatized by those who challenge God’s Law and his doctrine in the long term is unreformable and just moves forward in embracing humanist/progressive/liberal if not leftist doctrine and/or teaching.  Eventually those who honor God’s Law and Scripture must leave the corrupted institution and form a new body that honors God’s Word and his Holy Law.  This is what some of us believe that Jesus said about using NEW sheep skins for New Wine, but old skins can’t handle it and break soon enough.

FB and Twitter were controlled from the progressives right from the start, but now they are desperate to get conservatives to tap out and submit to the progressive worldview which is grounded in not only humanism but Marxist Authoritarianism and they are perfect in bed together.  We will not tap out.  We will stand our ground, regardless of the tech elites that choose to ban us and/or we join the Exodus to social media sites that will support our worldviews and our stands for Liberty and Freedom.  Parler may have a hard time with the Exodus, and I hope they can adapt.  They must, for the sake of the winner take all including election theft mentality of the modern radical progressive left.

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Depiction of Moses Splitting the Sea. by Natalia Kadish is licensed under N/A