COVID-19 Thoughts Part 78: The Post Election Thoughts

The major media including Fox News Channel has declared Joe Biden the winner of the Presidential race in 2020.  Truly was unfair but expected.  As for Fox News, let make this clear fellow conservatives and patriots.  There is the news side, and there is the commentary side, and speaking for the later, they should not suffer our wrath due to the other side caving to the pressure of the major Democrat Party press.  I would encourage them however to see if NewsMax or One America News (OAN) would be interested in taking them on board.  If not those organzations, then perhaps BlazeTV or DailyWire.  As far as the news side of Fox News is concerned, they are on the side of the Republican establishment if anything.  They like capitalism for the few, and choosing who the winners and losers are in the game of life.  They want to protect certain dynasties of the party, especially the McCains and the Bushes.

Shane Morris who lives in Tampa, is a writer and assistant editor for the BreakPoint/Colson Center.  He is also a proud Never Trumper and declared his happiness at the loss of Donald J. Trump to Joe Biden.  He claims to be a Christian and has called on Christians to accept Biden’s victory and move forward.  I really wonder though, if the candidate was an establishment type of sorts (Jeb Bush, Marco etc)…would Morris be consistent or would he be fighting for that candidate?  If Morris chooses the later, then I say its time to find a better group of Christians if not yesterday.  On a side note, the Colson Center says that Abortion must become “unthinkable” in order to stop it.  While I agree with JD Rucker of NOQ Report that politically its impossible to limit and/or recriminalize abortion but we should keep trying to do so.  In the meantime, we also take Rucker’s advice and make our attack on the culture in hopes to right a wrong that cost over 62 Million lives since 1973.  Abortion will never be unthinkable, Evil never is.

I also say that President Trump should fight for the recounts until the Courts say otherwise, Albert Gore Junior did.  I am strong agreement with most patriots and freedom loving Americas that stealing elections is wrong.  Radio talk show host Shannon Joy, who is NOT President Trump’s biggest fan has also been supportive of what I believe is an attempt to steal the election in the key battleground states, especially Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.  Their something fishy going on when the local state governments tell you to stop counting ballots and then all of the sudden the votes go in Biden’s favor and now the media wants to think that Biden and his harlot running mate have this in the bag…which very well they may have if the courts give Trump the Al Gore treatment.  Never forget that the Democrats have a long history of stealing elections and getting away with it.  Mainly because so many in our elite in America support the Democratic Party.  One of the biggest steals was Nixon vs. JFK election which the Democrat successfully stole for the Kennedy clan.  To this day, the media still love his short and tragic legacy…it was the American Camelot they so declared.

Speaking of elites, Collin Hay who was once the lead vocalist of Men At Work back in the 1980’s has declared that America’s Nightmare is over.  That being the defeat of Donald J. Trump.  People, please understand that most people in the entertainment and arts use the right side of the brain way too much, and that right side of brain also favors for lack of a better term…Situational Ethics.  Also, I kind of wish that people like Hay who are NOT citizens of country just keep their lip zipped.  There was a reason why Laura Ingraham said for all these years doing commentary in the media to simply just; “shut up and sing.”  Celebrities declaring their activism may win them jackpot points with the media, the Democrat Party and certain activists at the grassroots level that support progressive causes, but in the long term it makes the star a truly polarized figure…but as long as Barbs or Meathead (aka Rob Reiner) are making money someway and somehow…nothing else matters.  

Donald J. Trump may be ran out of office, but he will not go quietly either.  He will likely fight as a private citizen, and perhaps he might invest in OAN and/or Newsmax.  God knows that both networks truly need better content (always has and always will be King in the media) and hire away Tucker, Hannity, and Laura…oh and Trump should also look into hiring Stu Varney as well…although he ran his race if you know what I mean.  In spite of him running his mouth on Twitter and other places and endorsing establishment candidates, the man loved his country.  He was more/less created by the progressive cabal of America, and just went rouge.  That is really why they hated him so much.  His role was to be a businessman and nothing more…forever kissing up to the Clinton’s and then some other Democrat.  Those various things created the Never Trump mentality among Conservatives, but in the end the real Never Trumpers were the DC Establishment class who wanted to redefine conservativism to fit with they desire to keep DC looking great while the rest of America decays (along with the progressives who could not vote other than Democratic).  Least we forget that Trump had his doubts about Obama and who he was.  Was the Election of Biden, Obama’s revenge along with Clintons?

America under Biden (later Harris) will likely begin to start grinding down to almost a complete halt and return to an economy during the Obama years…maybe not overnight but it will eventually happen.  The Democrats can destroy any business it like directly or indirectly and call it the new normal.  Cites can be easily destroyed, blown up and the media would still herd you into voting Democratic.  I agree with Daniel Horowitz that conservatives need to focus on local elections and local officials.  All politics is indeed local.  The locals must be told to stand against the tyranny of the higher power should they dare challenge the constitution and the God Given liberties and freedoms he has declared.  The do nots or shall nots in the Ten Commandments regarding Murder and stealing are actually statements of the right to life and right of property.  Something that Karl Marx right out of gate opposed and to this day is also frowned upon those who call themselves Communists, Maoists and/or Marxists.

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