COVID-19 Thoughts Part 77: The Final Countdown to Election Day 2020

Well the election is coming fast, and it seems that in spite of the polls and the tactics of the left (government, news media, entertainment, academia), Donald J. Trump could very well score a second term as President of the United States…much to the dismay of the American Progressive left as they feel the wrath of a certain cartoon Road Runner and these progressive are no different than Wild E. Coyote.  Full of soot on their face, and took another great big fall off a mountain cliff someplace.

I too voted for Donald J. Trump, but that may not matter in Colorado, as it becomes the new California coupled with another do nothing Republican Party that is no different than the one in not just Cally, but New York State as well.
If Donald Trump is so bad for America, then why do you have the likes of Kanye West (maybe not this time), Ice Cube and Lil Wayne have shown some degree of support for him?  What hold does the Democratic Party has on these people?  It’s as if the Democrats are a secular religion of sorts.  Say what you want about West and his “run for President,” he still has said some very important things about the traditional family and the evils of Planned Parenthood which all conservatives need to put in front their minds and dinner tables as they challenge the “dingbats” and “meatheads” they have in their families.  Of course, there is always Mike Baxter (played by Tim Allen) who can challenge them using the Bill Cosby playbook…in spite the fact that Cosby is a fallen man. 

For a Shannon Joy, Steve Deace, and a Daniel Horowitz you have many more conservatives that have been raised to believe that they have no choice but to work within the Republican Party just to advance a conservative agenda.  For some time, it’s true, but the heart of the matter is that the Republican Party always delt with a crony capitalist element of the party that goes back to its founding and yes friend that includes Abraham Lincoln himself.  Many believed that Lincoln was a conservative God-fearing man, but Thomas DiLorenzo and Pastor Kevin Swanson have pointed out otherwise, especially when it came to centralized government and forcing certain states to stay in the union when they wanted to breakaway.  Lincoln’s own remarks proved that he did not fear God, and he was not really interested in abolishing slavery.  I just finished watching this week’s Life, Liberty, and Levin program in which Mark Levin presented a snap shot of history, presenting elements of Soviet Union constitution and how the manifesto that was written by Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders or so they say.  You can defeat these punks time and again with the Republican Party, but they don’t really want to fight, so why vote them in?  Well at least you can make money for yourself and family…especially if you have a 501k plan.

When God’s word says the love of money is the root of all evil, he meant it.  But to paraphrase Paul Harvey, you just don’t know “the rest of the story.”  Sure, your wimpy soft Republican Senator might give you a bigger bank account and then some…but if his or her liberty score is below 70 percent or worse 60 precent and downward…how does that restore America?  You had a Republican Party that would have helped in the destruction of the family with a trojan horse called the Equal Rights Amendment or ERA.  Only Phyllis Schlafly had the passion and the blessing of her husband (who agreed that ERA was bad for America) to assemble conservative women to push back and defeat the progressive amendment to our Constitution not once but twice…no thanks to Jimmy Carter by the way. 

Yet a Mark Levin (who I respect), Dennis Prager (also has my respect), Dan Bongino (my respect also), Hugh Hewitt, Mike Rosen (yea, he is still around but semi-retired), have all told you to vote Republican so they can be the fire wall for Donald J. Trump (If Schlafly were still alive, she would agree).  Sorry Not Sorry, I don’t agree.  President Trump HIMSELF is the fire wall (in agreement of Denver’s Peter Boyles), even with Republicans who will have his back…but for reasons of their own.  No, my Conservative friends, we need a long-term plan, and it’s not in the Republican Party.  We need a brand-new conservative movement, and we need to focus on local races and local elected officials in local communities.  They must become the firewall against the DC Swamp once Trump moves on…either next year or in 2025.  We need a new Tea Party Movement that can take power away from the progressives in area they currently control and take back for those who are for freedom and liberty.

You still need to Vote, but you will have to do more, because you can’t rely on the false face Republican Party to fight your battles.  U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (Republican-Colorado) refused to fight when he was needed to do so, and John Hickenlooper (Democratic rival in Gardner’s Senate race) is likely taking his place.
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