COVID-19 Thoughts Part 76: Fridge Notes...FB Style...I Call it FB Notes.

I have been going over my Favorite Quotes that I have added to my personal FB page over the years since I had one.  In part its inspired by the Fridge Notes that people may have put on their refrigerators over the years before something like FB exist.  United Church of Christ minister turned Humanist radical and progressive activist the late William Edelen promoted the concept and took it to its extreme.  Well I did the Fridge thing myself, but did on my personal Facebook page.  I am not going to link it here I will pick a few of them for this first piece of quotes.

Propaganda is vital—propaganda is the heart of our struggle.-Fidel Castro

While I do believe that this is attributed to Fidel Castro, however if I don’t include Castro’s name on search engines it will bring up links that talk about the book Mein Kampf or My Struggle by Adolf Hitler.  This is why I say attributed and not certain.  One thing for sure is that both aspired to be “leaders” of their respected nations of their day.  Hitler maybe more so and more should he have won World War II.  Castro for sure was able to take over an island nation and rule it with an iron fist for years.  The Castro family dynasty is still strong in Cuba to this very day, and its not going down in the foreseeable future.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever-George Orwell

I was not planning on watching Dinesh D'Souza’s current movie Trump Card.  However, thanks to a 45-minute interview Adam McManus did on Kevin Swanson’s Generations Radio podcast (McManus is also the anchorman of sister podcast The Worldview in Five Minutes) I finally did.  This movie, based on D’Souza’s best-selling book The United States of Socialism, is truly the best movie he made to date.  It ranks up with his movie on Barack Obama and America: Imagine a World Without Her, but not a letdown as Death of Nation was or somewhat flawed as Hillary’s America was.  Hillary’s could have been better, but it still helped Trump score a first term in the Oval Office.  One take away from Trump Card is the recreating of the scene from Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eight Four in which Winston Smith is finally defeated by a thought police agent.  This is the famous five fingers line, in which Big Brother is able to tell a lie long enough for it to be the truth.  If you saw the Star Trek: TNG episode Chain of Command Part II; it appears that the Cardassians were fans of Orwell…or just came to a similar way of getting beings to submit to the tyrants of the moment.  Instead five fingers, a Cardassian interrogator had four lamp lights and wanted Jean-Luc Picard to say there are “five lights.”  Unlike Orwell’s novel…this interrogator would lose after getting close to a win (Picard confide in his ship’s counselor Deanna Troi that he could see five lights…just as Winston saw five fingers and a thumb).  At least they got Troi to wear a blasted uniform and be modest while on duty (lol).  Oh, and Robert Reich wants reeducation camps for those who supported Donald J. Trump in 2016, should they take power.  Orwell was a man of the left, but was not afraid to show their true face and nature.

Power comes from the barrel of a gun.-Mao Zedong

Chairman Mao, understands all too well that if you hold the weapons and the citizens don’t, you have close to, if not absolute power over your subjects; as you claim that THEY have the power when in reality…you do.  Just another way of convincing the people that 2+2 equal five.  Our founders understood this power that Mao years later would declare.  Those who admire Mao and prefer a socialist government also understand this power and/or feels that the common people should not have a gun.  The Mao wannabes delight in this, for they can and will take away the people’s right to carry and bare arms while they acquire more power for themselves.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.-Thomas Paine

The leftists love Thomas Paine for his faith grounded in Free Thought.  But did Paine lay the ground work for a modern-day push for one world government?  “Do Good” a religion?  Well actions that are considered good and evil can be redefined.  The left would call abortion/preborn baby murder something good for women and society.  Government stealing is called taxation, and spread the wealth to those who “really need it” is good.  Who defines doing good?  Those who oppose God and his Holy Law, more often than not make evil good and vice versa.

Evil does seek to maintain power by suppressing the truth.  Or by misleading the innocent.- Spock and McCoy (Star Trek: TOS episode "And The Children Shall Lead")

How true that is gentlemen.  They kill off those who try to expose the evil, and the evil indeed does mislead…and makes themselves look sweet and caring…’Hey, I will take care of You.’  The sweet siren song of socialism.  But “take care of you” can also be a negative as much as a positive.  Again look to the Godfather movies and the Power Rangers episode “Crown And Punishment” for a pop culture’s take on this.  Why you did not mention anything about this cheezy Star Trek: TOS episode?  OK Trekies, Kirk and Spock expose Gorgan who mislead innocent children into murdering their parents...and the children hate Gorgan for this. 

You know, I might be doing this again in the future…I have PLENTY of quotes to use and comment on.  Some will get used depending on the moment.

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