COVID-19 Thoughts Part 73: In spite of his flaws, President Donald J. Trump loves his country.

About four years ago, Donald J. Trump decided to make his declaration to run for President of the United States on the Republican ticket.  While then Candidate Trump was saying the right things and expressing a love of America and its core principles, certain conservatives like myself were very skeptical. 

However, one of Trump’s biggest supporters was political pragmatist but cynic (if not close to being a realist) Peter Boyles, long time Denver area talk radio personality.  Had Boyles not backed him, coupled Dan Bongino’s (keep him in your thoughts and prayers by the way) insight as a secret service who delt with Hillary Clinton first hand and knew her for the screwed and power-hungry woman that she is; I might not have voted for Trump at all (being in Colorado did not matter much).  Steve Deace delt with Trump first hand and it left Deace with a bad taste in his mouth…or something like that…regardless Deace was not impressed, and did not vote for Trump the first time. 

I too agreed with Deace that Trump might have been a stealth leftist, but it seems that Trump was really playing the elite left and the elite crony Republicans for all these years.  Was Trump planning to run for President?  Who really knows, but after eight years of a Alinsky disciple in office, coupled with the Bush dynasty wanting their next of kin (Jeb) to run…it seems that Trump said to himself; enough is enough.  So, he ran and got on the Republican ticket, much to the rage of the elite left and certain Republican types like the Bush dynasty.  Middle America said yes to Trump, and he got enough of the electoral college vote to win the Oval Office.

Prior to COVID-19, President Trump worked hard on the promise to “Make America Great Again” or MAGA.  Not every goal was accomplished, and his choices of endorsements for elected offices were very questionable; coupled with the nominees for the Supreme Court turned out to be more bottle half empty/half full people based on their recent court decisions.  Yet President Trump did move the Embassy of the United States in Israel from the metroplex of Tel Aviv to its respected capitol; Jerusalem.  A city that takes a knocking, but get rebuilt and keeps on rockin (it rhymes, but you get the point).  Also, our economy was doing great under Trump before the COVID-19 pandemic.  None of these New Normal statements and the like.  Just doing what need to be done in order for real jobs to be created and for real people to be employed.  Not a whole lot of social engineering and social control which too many in our government and the deep state prefer, while they speak softly and with elegance and tact as they con the masses into submission.

In spite of his flaws and his passion and choice of words, President Donald J. Trump does love his country.  He has proven that he did not run for President on a whim or some kind of joke.  He did run for President because he could, and he wanted to take charge of the government for a season because of his business background and use that more/less to make at least some positive change in America.  Had it not been for COVID, Trump would have cruised to a second term. I strongly believe he should be given that second term, and be allowed a final four years actually make America great…and should he not make America great in that second…I will not be afraid to call him out…like others have done in the past. 

President Trump Loves America, he really does.  He is not well spoken like Ronald Reagan, but he fights to way he knows how.  Let us help him defeat someone that has been in government for too long, but is not blessed with the health that Trump has…and let us keep a woman who slept her way to where she was from being too close from taking the oval office.  Biden and Harris will not put an end to the BLM/Antfia riots either.  These groups will only be encouraged to take it into the suburbs and then rural America.  Coupled that with the Brave New World, that Biden/Harris will have not only for America but the whole planet.  President Xi Jinping of China would be pleased, for I believe that Master Xi wants to really rule the world…not saying Xi is THE anti-Christ…but for now… Xi is just another man who wants to be God.

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