COVID-19 Thoughts Part 72: Atheism/Secularism = Radical Leftist Progressivism if not Marxist/Maoism

In the war against those who are for progressivism aka Marxist/Maoist statist tyranny, it seems we constantly fail to push back against one group of allies of such tyranny.  That would be those who call themselves Atheists or other titles like free-thinker, agnostic, humanist etc.  Now not EVERY person who disbelieves in God is a worshiper and/or admirer of Karl Marx and/or Mao Zedong.  Some like David Horowitz who was once a Marxist himself, actually turned on their worldview once he realized the damage it caused in his own personal life.  Horowitz while realizing the need for God and faith in general in our culture, still calls himself an atheist.

The likes of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) and Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) have proven more so than ever that they are front groups for the overall progressive/statist cause.  They not only support the cleansing of religion from the public square, but support the overall sexual revolution that was finally realized in the 1960’s.  They have supported abortion rights, the LGBTQ+ jihad, and now the rights of transgenders to redefine and expand on male and female including the right to compete in sports competitions with the gender you were not born with but feel with.  The end game is to abolish gender, just as the Marxists themselves wanted to do years ago

Like I said, AU and FFRF are progressive front groups.  You might be promoting the greatest in humanity and the diversity of human belief, but that is not the end game.  As we have seen in places like China and Cuba, its really about elevating the greatness of man if not certain men…like Xi Jinping (Mao before him) and Fidel Castro respectfully.  They place themselves among the gods, and the Big A Atheist groups don’t care, nor do they mind…just as long as they able to get a sin license and live comfortably in sin.  They twist our constitution as much as our judges on the courts to fit their whims, and those very whims is not what the framers of our country envisioned.

The FFRF just recently published a survey and its results are quite reviling, as it self admits and confirms that secular voters regardless of the title they self-identify with, are indeed leftist progressive radicals.  Let us take a look now at five issues; abortion, same-sex marriage, government funding of euthanasia, abolishment of the death penalty, and gun control/gun safety.  Here is how the issues stack up according their own stats.

Support of Abortion Rights so called 
All Americans: 75% support abortion rights.
Secular Voters: almost all of them surveyed support preborn baby murder with a whopping 98.8 percent.  

Support of Same Sex Marriage aka Marriage Equality
All Americans: 61%
Secular Voters: 98.9%

Government funding of Euthanasia
All Americans: 78%
Secular Voters:  99.2%

Opposition to the Death Penalty
All Americans: 39%
Secular Voters: 68%

Support Gun Safety Law if not Gun Control
All Americans: 60%
Secular Voters: 94%

There should be no argument from this moment on, that so-called secular voters as a group are leftist progressive radicals, and more likely than not Marxists/Maoists, and have a worldview that is causing the human race to live upside down, as they attempt to prove that we don’t need the Law of God, or God himself to keep the human race on a stable course.  This proves that what God supports and favors…they oppose.  They favor keeping the criminals alive and kept comfortable in prison, while they advocate for the death of the innocent, especially the unborn (“Abortion Is a Blessing” they say) and the elderly (Exodus 23:7, Isaiah 59:7).  Their support of so-called Gun Safety should raise red flags with people who support the Second Amendment to our U.S. Constitution for Gun Safety can quickly become Gun Control and Control of the American people.  Of course, same-sex marriage is really an attempt to make marriage meaningless and take the people into a mind set where marriage in seen as something old-fashioned and ancient, thus finally accept the ideal of abolishing marriage between whatever and just accept having sex without anyone’s permission…including God’s.  The great slogan of situational ethics is finally realized; “If It feels good, Do It.” 

That’s not all.  94 percent of these godless voters support universal mail in voting which would guarantee the shutting out of conservatives.   94 percent support universal health aka socialized medicine.  83 precent of nonbelievers support free college which would guarantee generation after generation of Communist Marxist/Maoist Big A Atheists.  At least around 75 to 77 percent of these infidels’ support statehood for DC and Puerto Rio, thus helping the progressives gain more and absolute power over America, and to no surprise, the secular voters support police and prison reform (95 percent) which will likely favor the criminals and hurt the innocent.  Ironically only 45 precent of nonbelievers’ support slavery reparations, while 20 percent of Americans in general favor it.  In the end, these who claims to be humanists are not humane.  They are anti-human and seek to control and exploit humanity for their own gains and pleasures…that includes feeding off their misery and getting instant gratification and enjoyment out of it…but it will never be enough.  They continue to pit people against each other, in order to conquer the masses.  Again, not everyone who disbelieves in God is our enemy, for a handful are honest conservatives if not libertarians.  However as the survey FFRF conducted proves…they are more interested in heavy fisted centralized government that promises to take care of you, but can also get rid if you if it wants to do it.

This should be enough proof that these Big A Atheists, Freethinkers, Skeptics, should not be treated with anymore respect and that we need to come out fighting against these groups who have a love for tyranny, statism, and in all caps DEATH…just not their own.  Still, we do feel that dark sprit of anti-Christ which has come upon the likes of Jack Phillips and Kim Davis (and many others) as the AU and FFRF push for more persecutions of people of faith, while they claim to create an equal and just and better world.  The sad thing is, these people are growing and claiming to be the “real values voters.”  Values that contradict the Law of God for sure.

What I just told you are the biggest reasons why many conservatives acknowledge God either on paper or in some kind of existence…even in a deist kind of way.   We understand that the Right to Life and the Right to Property were laid out by God himself in the Torah and Christianity’s counterpart the Old Testament.  The Big A Atheists leftists have mucked and twisted our constitution to fit their vile and wicked agendas long enough.  The conservatives need to not only push back against a Southern Poverty Law Center, but also against the likes of AU and FFRF who want a society in which the ideals of a fallen angel can be not only accepted but seen as good.  Never forget that evil can disguise itself as something Beautiful, only to be reviled as ugly if only it’s called out as evil.

When Ron Reagan says he is not afraid to burn in Hell, he means it.  He is proud of not only his disbelief but his overall worldview including big centralized statist government.  Also, one of the founders of AU was a past president of Planned Parenthood and was a member and a Massachusetts branch chairman of the Council of American-Soviet Friendship which was supportive of the latter’s cause to advance Communism in America.
Know Your Enemy, Know Your Beliefs, Know Your Worldview

1 Chronicles 12:32

War Is The Answer, Run To The Battle.

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