COVID-19 Thoughts Part 68: "Cuties" exposes the soul of the global entertainment business

You have heard the controversy over the movie Cuties (also known as Mignonnes in the French tongue), and by now you realize that Netflix is standing by this film, in spite of an early marketing move in which you quickly realized that this was a movie about a group of eleven year old girls who have entered a dance contest in which they dance provocatively.

You should also know by now that the entertainment elite at large is also standing behind this movie, and has tried to call the bluff of those who are critical of this movie.  New Yorker film critic Richard Brody says that Cuties is “extraordinary,” and calls out people critical of the movie claiming they are part of a “right wing campaign.” Alyssa Rosenberg of The Washington Post says that the people freaking out over the movie should try to watch the movie, and claims that its critics might like the movie   According to NPR’s Rebecca Rosman, Cuties is actually calling out the hypersexualtion of young girls.  Really?  I Say Pleeeease, cause from what I have seen of this movie is cringeworthy, and it’s not just because of the choreography.  It’s the girls themselves.  Just downright trouble makers, and yeah; I could throw in a certain pun from Donna Summer as well…you know “Bad Girls,” and man these girls are downright bad.  While the movie gets an overall Fresh Score (but not “Certified Fresh” as of yet) of 88% on the Tomatoes meter from the professionals at Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score is hands down “Rotten” at 3 percent (as of the writing of this piece).

The parents of these girls are never seen with the exception of Amy who we see with her mother and aunt along with their community of Islamic women who are truly believers in their faith.  Her distance father who was not casted in this movie is taking a second wife, and it only drives Amy to explore her own sexuality even more, and finds a kinship with the Cuties/Mignonnes; rather than the Islamic path of what it means to be a woman as her aunt is trying to pass on their faith to Amy.  One of the Cuties by the name of Angelica lives in the same apartment complex that Amy lives in, and is the first of the group that Amy encounters.

I am not a Muslim nor do I intent to convert to the faith, but a part of me feels for the Mother and Aunt of Amy wanting to instill a sense of morality into Amy; especially making her a woman with a kind and humble heart.  Even their equivalent of Holy Water only causes Amy to dance provocatively.  While it appears at the end of the movie that she renounces the Cuties lifestyle along with the of the faith her parents; the movie leaves it open for the viewer to decide what direction she finally goes, as she embraces modesty and jumps higher and higher defying gravity beginning with simple game of double dutch jump rope.

This coming of age movie could have been a whole lot better had the film makers not oversexualized the eleven-year-old girls.  It could have found something else that Islam forbids (or the family might be against something like the ballet, or some other activity), but not send certain people to the showers, or to the medicine cabinet, or even grabbing disinfectant-all-purpose cleaners.  The same people that defend Cuties/Mignonnes and other movies like it, would tell you that they want to be real with us and not sugar coat real life.  Sure, there are boys and girls who want to grow up fast and have questions about their bodies (even I had my period), and I wish my mother and father would tell me the boundaries, but they were caught in certain ways (not all) that run contrary to God’s Law…coupled with my own autism…and that’s another story.

The entertainment industry on a global level has been corrupt for quite a long time.  They bided their time to push the envelope, and sure maybe Hollywood itself would never make such a movie like Cuties…unless they can truly desensitize America towards sexualizing children.    Leave it to the French to make such a movie…no surprise here.  They did away with a Christian worldview once again…and never forget it was the secularists in France that used the guillotine to knock off their enemies.  Not God-fearing people.

Well the American left might be desensitized, but a certain census in middle America still believes in conserving a child’s innocence…something we better be standing firm on in the years to come.  The parents need to be talking about the B’s and the B’s at various age levels and eventually lead our children to God’s design on sexuality.  No, it’s not just about procreation but that is the first prong of God’s design.  The second prong would indeed be the pleasure factor.  This is why God limited sexual relations to married couples.  Many people however choose not to honor this, and too many children that were created out of those sexual passions deal with a lack of bonding with not only their parents but other children as well.

If it’s the intent of the movie is to take on the issue of children growing too fast, then why the close ups of the girls dancing provocatively?  Oh, and please don’t tell me about “being real.”  It would have been better if Cuties director Maïmouna Doucouré did such a movie as a documentary and actual take a stand against it…that includes NO closeups.  Talk about the current pop culture and how the likes of Brooke Shields, Madonna, and more recently Cardi B.  Madonna and Cardi B love to push female sexuality and Shields was known for doing Calvin Klein ads while she was still underage.

There are way too many dirty old men in the entertainment industry, and many have gotten away with their sexual exploits.  Some however were caught and convicted, such as Sterling Van Wagenen (who co-founded the Sundance Film Festival), and Harvey Weinstein.  Others like Roman Polanski managed to escape conviction.  Yet there are certain leftists right now that are more concerned about so called Christian Nationalism, than this movie in which 11-year olds’ twerk.

Some have said that sexual exploitation of children, can make then into guilt ridden slaves for tyrants to be…another reason to push back on movies like Cuties and then some right here and right now.

P.S.  I too have given Netflix their cancelation notice.  They must lose money on this, or more movies like Cuties will be made and put on.  Not just Netflix but their competition too (Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Peacock etc.).

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