COVID-19 Thoughts Part 67: A possible Brave New America

The Follow is a short story and its fictional.

The year is 2030, and China has become the number one superpower in the world, thanks to the decline in America’s might and China’s President and Secretary General Xi Jinping and his leadership.  Currently China is under the rule of Xi’s successor who is not named in this story (hint: I am not going to make up a character or a name but it is a man), after being handpicked by Xi himself before passing away in 2027.

Meanwhile in America, President Kamala Harris (President #47 and the first woman to hold the office) who got the job of the oval office after a few months President Joe Biden (#46) was sworn in, and declared his resignation a few months after his brief time in office…but not as short as William Henry Harrison who only was POTUS for about only a month.  Biden passed away sometime in 2022. 

Before Harris took office, Biden did declare a national state of emergency and required everyone to wear facemask and locked down the economy in 2021.  Harris would not repeal the face masks laws and economy of America would never be reopened as we know it ever again.  It pounded the final nails into all small business across America only leaving the big corporations intact.   Restaurants became a thing of the past, as takeout became more common by necessity.  Churches and other places of worship were never open again, and those are dared to defy such laws were quickly shut down. 

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) was finally successful in part to cleansing of any statements of faith as people naturally embraced atheism, so called “free thought” if not downright paganism.  People finally outgrew their faith and embrace beauty and revelation of direct experience and living for today as an old John Lennon song stated. There was an ad in which FFRF collaborated with Planned Parenthood reminding us that “Abortion is a Blessing” and that Planned Parenthood clinics are still open for “women’s health care.”  Currently there is talk about limiting parents to just two children.  All for the greater good.

The anthem for children’s choirs “Dream A Dream” by Ed Robertson (think of it as a child’s version of “Imagine” without the bashing of faith) somehow still gets performed by these children’s choirs on Zoom.  In spite of America becoming a third world nation in 2030; the lyrics of Dream that sing about, “a new tomorrow when the people learn to love their fellow man,” or “dare to hope for a peaceful morning when we've learned to walk together hand in hand,” and “…hope for a day of gladness when the world can let a smile replace a frown.”  Oh well, got to have hope.

Truth be told that hope was actually killed, by Biden, by Harris, and the current President who is also a Democrat and who’s respective party is successful in becoming a single rule monopoly party as the Republican Party merged with the Democrats in 2027 and killing any hopes of returning to normal.  America has not only embraced a new normal, but a brave new world.  Compared to Orwell’s 1984, the world of Orwell’s novel was off by a few decades and then some.

A poor but humble family called the Baxters, lived a rundown suburban neighborhood with their four children struggle to make ends meet.  The father is of Italian descent while their mother came from Africa.  They married in 2021 before all hell broke loose in America and along the way had four children.  They were God fearing people and continued to fear God in this New America that was so “enlightened.”  The father worked at a state-run factory, while the mother worked as a secretary for the local government.  The children were sent to public school (since private education was abolished in 2026) but the parents did what they could to instill a fear of God in their children, and in spite of the government’s of attempts to use not only the Baxters children but other children to rat on parents who would defy and challenge the rule of the current President, by the name of Leon Ny Ewing (nothing to do with the TV series Dallas) who was hand picked by Harris herself, and just recently declared itself President for life.  Ewing was born a woman but says he is a man now.

The Baxter children never ratted out their own parents and were careful not to mention anything about them to their peers.  Still a few of the children that lived in neighborhood were the Baxters lived, did find out about their defiance towards President.  The national American Peacekeeping Forcing was called and the Baxters were arrested and taken away to a FEMA camp.

America in this new dark age was known for certain people to vanish off the face of the nation.  Instead of using the “showers” or mass graves (at least to public knowledge); the American government conducted their own wicked genocides under the covers, like a Building implosion (which is challenging) to finding old buildings that could be set on fire and burned to the ground with people inside them.  The people that are contracted to clean up the rubble afterwards, are under oath of our government to never mention any bodies they encounter…otherwise they would face their own execution similar to what just happened. 

Well the Baxters would be sent to their death by building implosion as the old Circus Circus fell out of style and would be replaced with a better hotel and casino taking its place (at least those places would be allowed to operate in the brave new America).  Sadly, it would become the place in which the death warrant of the Baxters and many others would be signed.  As Circus Circus got imploded, someone with their MP3 player was listening to the recording of the choir their children preformed in…sing “Dream a Dream.”

Even if this kind of tyranny never comes to pass, another kind can and will emerge if we don’t stand up and fight back against it in the name of Freedom and Liberty.  This is just one possibility of a future tyranny.  It will take more than re-electing Donald J. Trump, and Republicans…MUCH MORE!  It’s going to take people that will truly embrace the Self in SELF-Government. 

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