COVID-19 Thoughts Part 61: Pastor John F. MacArthur reopens his church in defiance of Cally's lockdown

 Nobody is denning that COVID-19 kills people, but most of the deaths related to COVID-19 are people who are 80+ of age.  Young children have hardly died from this, but the public school teachers (and the Teachers Unions that speak for them) claim to be afraid of their own mortality as well as the children (not).  We continue to treat COVID-19 as if it was the black plaque, or the ride of the Four Horsemen.  The more we learn about COVID-19, the more we realize that the major media truly sold us fake panic porn.  Yet we believe it, because we just do.  Because President Donald Trump went along with what the health bureaucrats said, or whatever.  Regardless, the Democrat Party/Progressive worldview press continues to push the narrative of lockdowns, social distancing, and face masks.

The evidence contrary to the popular COVID-19 narratives where always out there, as certain things were happening, and as certain people, groups and business were given special treatment.  You can’t have that cancer treatment you planed for awhile back, but hey women can still get their unwanted children growing within them removed as the abortion mills are allowed to stay open.  Even during a lockdown, people still want unlimited sexual gratification.  You are called violent, extreme and unreasonable when you actually peacefully protest the lockdowns and demand that your local governments reopen the economy.  Yet the very same governments approve of the riots conducted by Antifia and Black Lives Matter, and in spite of all the damage they have cause and the people they have hurt who got in their way…our government and their lapdogs in the media call them “peaceful” and/or “peaceful protesters.”

In Nevada, the restrictions for Caesars Palace are not as harsh for something like…Calvary Chapel.  Indeed, Caesar is getting much preferential treatment over Jesus Christ.  Not surprising given this day and age and other times of apostacy in the past.  Pastors Cary K. Gordon of Iowa and Steve Camp of Florida (who was a best-selling Christian Music singer back in the day) were among those leaders of faith that have opposed these lockdowns from the beginning.  With every passing week, they were proven to be correct in their stances to keep their churches open, and others have followed suit soon after.

Long time California pastor John F. MacArthur was a person who took Romans 13 seriously when it came to submission of earthly authorities.  Up until now, that included their decision to close down churches.  Like many other churches in America, they want along with the 14 day lockdown which was more/less imposed by Donald J. Trump.  However, California being a dark blue state, decided to keep the lock downs going until they think it is “safe” for them to lift them.  Being the political animals that the Democratic Party have always been, “safe” means what ‘they say’ it means. They could very well, keep the lockdowns ongoing until the end of time as we know it.  In the process, our own governments are truly destroying peoples livery hood, and the ability to make a living; as the governments themselves not only become more tyrannical, but quite wealthy.  No different than other Statist empires that came before them.  The Democrats and American progressives more often than not, admired the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez,  and now Xi.  They loved them passionately as if they dreamed of becoming like them or they truly part of the global Marxist Bilderberg Frankfurt School of wanna be Tyrants clique.

MacArthur (whose teachings on the Bible lean Calvinist) who some have accused him of being Pietist on the issues of how the Christian plays a role in human government, has recently had a change of heart on the lockdowns and has decided along with the leadership of his church Grace Community in Los Angeles (MacArthur was senior pastor since 1969) to open it’s door to the public.  In his sermon We Must Obey God Rather Than Man, he points out the current reasons why Grace Community Church was reopened to the public, after presenting reasons pointed out in Scripture.  The biggest reason overall is that God’s Law comes first before the law of man, if they complement then we obey both.  If man’s law conflicts with the Law of God then we honor and obey God first regardless of the consequences man’s law imposes on us.  God still ordained them and put them into power himself…even if they choose to work against God.  God also called his people to pray for their leaders and for their salvation.  Rending to Caesar does not mean we just give him everything he wants.  Paul lost his own life because he would not give Nero the worship that the mortal demigod (and one-time candidate for being Satan’s anti-Christ) demanded.

Other reasons why Pastor MacArthur reopened was among the following.  For starters he never closed down his church at all in spite of the technology used to preach a Sunday sermon.  Coupled with loyal members and those who attend his church regularly, they slowly came back into Grace’s sanctuary on their own accord.  MacArthur himself did not pressure anyone to come back to his church at all.  Truly an act of God and the people that came back to Grace Community had a Fear of God over a Fear of Man and other authorities.  MacArthur admitted to going along with the lockdowns, lacking the knowledge regarding COVID-19 at the time.  MacArthur also pointed out that the corner liquor store was allowed to remain open (MacArthur admits to going to such a store to buy a case of Fresca soda but he could not…likely being sarcastic). 

While the hospitals have closed down for most part, and putting lots of people at risk of death due the delay of needed surgeries and treatments, abortion mills have been able to run normally as usual (paying off the “powers that be” in order to be left alone).  MacArthur is not afraid to call abortion “the great killer in California.”  364 abortions performed per day, one in four pregnancies end in abortion, and 88 percent of women who have abortions are not married…and this is just Cally.  However, California has the most abortions than any other state in America (even New York State) and fully funded by local taxes.  Governor Gavin Newsom issued a proclamation in May of last year, declaring that he is welcoming women from other states (especially those states that have restrictions on abortion) to come to Cally in order to exercise their “reproductive rights.”  The Free Love Agenda/Sexual Revolution continues to move forward while the Christian Church can’t meet…even during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Yes, Pastor John, abortion is an assault on God’s creative work…but these women only care about their personal gratification (coupled with certain men who pressure their women, married or not to abort).

Again, we should not take COVID-19 lightly, and neither should Pastor MacArthur and he is trying to stay on top of the information coming out.  Still our elected officials at all levels of governments coupled with bureaucrats sadly made this into a con game in order to milk it for what it’s worth…regardless of who gets hurt.  Not only the loss of work, or even small business (if they owned such), but people becoming spiritually disconnected.  The left does not care, for many of declared there is no God…other than the carnal state and making it’s mortal tyrants gods…even if it means erecting statues long after the tyrants passed away.

The church must no longer just stand by and wait for the approval of the state to reopen.  The state more likely than not will just keep telling the church “nope,” and will try to take another chance to become like Nero, like Caesar, and yes like Eve; and attempt to steal what really belongs to God as they attempt to “be like God.”  The Church is God’s house, and does not need nor does it answer to a state that is at war with Christians who know their Bibles and don’t go along with the wickedness of the state.  Then again, it is trying times like COVID-19 in which the church becomes refined and stronger.  This is why persecution of the Christian Church is a good thing.  It forces people to become better Christians, and for the people who may not be Christian but have not lost their rationally (or common-sense morals) to question the evil of those who want to do harm to the believers of Christ…and by the grace of God, join his body.

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