COVID-19 Thoughts Part 56: Colorado resident Janet Brazill was truly an Evil, Vile, and Wicked Woman. Now she has FINALLY passed on

Our lives are finite. We are only here for a short period of time. If you call yourself a Christian, then you believe that Jesus Christ came to Earth to die on a cross for the sins of humanity including yourself. You also believe that we are here to honor to not only Christ, but the Laws of his father, God Almighty. The Law of God is the way in which the human race must live by and forever honor, in order for all people to live a happy life. God is like a fire, and if any of us meet him directly...we would basically burn to a crisp. That is how holy God is. Thankfully we have Jesus and his Gospel (or Good News) in which it can save us from any transgressions we do commit and carry.

But there will always be people who challenge the Law of God, and God himself has allowed some these people to live for a long time. One person that was allowed to live for 93 years was Colorado Springs resident Janet Brazill who worked at the Air Force Academy as a computer systems analyst until her retirement in 1985. She was a passionate advocate of so-called women’s rights, especially the right to abortion aka the right of women to murder their pre-born child growing within them. She supported China’s one child policy in the name of population control (believing apparently that most women hate baring children anyway...but failing to tell that to women in China suffering under such laws) and likely turned a blind eye when the pagans (like Michael Jackson and Harvey Milk) abused children but called out elements of the Catholic Church for doing the same thing. She fought long and hard for the promotion of secular freethought and pushed back on anything she would consider “religious” and moved forward what she felt was grounded in science, logic and reason over dogma. The trouble with secular progressives is that they have their brand of dogma, something they are either arrogant about or just flat out lying.

It would take me hours for me to go over every piece Brazill wrote defending abortion and/or population control, radical leftist feminism etc, and with COVID-19; my access to a local liberty is limited. Besides her best work was reprinted by several leftist freethinker websites and not to mention it has made it easy for me rebuff and put her statements in place.

In her piece titled If Limbo, Why Not Hell?, Brazill applauds the very same Catholic Church that she detests for doing away with the doctrine of limbo (or Purgatory), yet she feels they have not gone far enough.

Now, if religions would only do away with the cruel idea of hell!

The fear of never-ending torment in a lake of fire after death has ruined many lives and has been responsible for unspeakable crimes--from the Inquisition, where thousands were tortured and converted, then burnt at the stake to rescue their souls from the fires of hell, to Andrea Yates, who believed in the devil and killed her children to save them from going to hell....In the early years, the fear of hell's torment was useful in ensuring compliance with church doctrine. Modern religions, however, learning from psychiatrists that this dogma of damnation can cause some to develop mental disorders, should disavow promoting this barbaric myth.

Brazill points out certain myths that people have said about people that are bound for eternal damnation, and yes it can be used to impose a tyranny of sorts or cause people to commit sinful actions. While many people of faith have used the concept of Hell incorrectly, the very place of eternal damnation is hands down real and must be taught...but it needs to be taught based on what the Bible says about Hell and why a loving God would permit it. The last thing any of us want is to be judged...period.

One day we are all going to face judgement; like it or not. For someone like a Brazill, they want the concept of judgement to be chucked so that loose sexual morals (and other sins) would be accepted, and thanks to the likes of Brazill, it has.

Let me point out two reasons why the concept of Hell is important...or better yet, why God does permit a place called Hell.

Back in April 2018, the UK government decided that the life of one year old Alfie Evans was not worth preserving (costs money you know and then some), and basically starved him to death, but also claimed that stopping the treatments would allow Evans to die instantly. His parents did everything they could, and even the Catholic Church tried to intervene. The UK government stood firm and denied any chance of any treatments, basically stating that ‘Alife Evans Must Die.’ After days of fighting to survive without a life support machine...Evans and his body finally succumb to the eventuality and passed on. The statement made by the UK Government is that we know what is best for people...period.

I am sure the heads of states were looking up to heaven in pride when Evans finally died. Maybe a few raised a fist or even the middle finger. We are God. We have the power and We decided the fate of the one year child...We Took His Life. It might have gotten them a sensation up their leg or whatever...It Just Felt Good to Do it. The story of Alife Evans (not the only one) is a classic example of why God permits a Hell. This was an evil act, by a group of arrogant and wicked people who did it because “they could.” Sadly the progressives prefer to cling with the legacy of an American Marxist/Anarchist slut who would have approved of such an would a Brazill.

A short film that was produced by Bob Enyart, presents a dramatization of God’s judgement against a public high school science teacher (the character was based upon a teacher that Enyart’s wife once knew...and actually used his real likeness) and presents another reason why God permits a Hell. God himself knew his heart and calls out the teacher’s bluff that he was given “many chances” in his lifetime, and that if he gave him more chances in the afterlife coupled with being in presence of God and his very judgement...well the teacher would not submit to God himself and his law...and it would never end. The teacher would never submit. Before making the now fallen and deceased teacher (was alive in 1995 when the movie was made, but officially passed away in 2018) take and knee and declare Jesus Christ is Lord (Romans 14:11); God told him direct, blunt, and to the point, that making him confess that Jesus is Lord and make him worship for once during that judgement is ALSO a statement of justice, rightousness, and about the love of what God himself created. Basically the teacher was just trying to mock and spit in God’s face once more and God was not going to have it. God compared the teacher to a man who might have murdered a child, and had no regrets in doing so. Truly a “corrupt mind” and a “heart of evil.” Forcing that punk to say and do the right thing as he goes through judgement establishes....say it with me now....Justice!

Taking the knee before God and declaring Jesus is Lord, and being sent away into Hell...IS JUSTICE for those who dare challenge God’s Law and usher in deadly consequences for everyone that is impacted by such wickedness. Brazill could not give a darn about the 62 million plus preborn snuffed (including almost 18 million black babies) since 1973 (as of the writing of this commentary), just as long as women can enjoy sexual relations, pleasure, and passion and never worry about caring one single baby to term. Great for certain men who pressure certain women to abort and wanting the same sexual gratification.

In her lifetime, Brazill herself has partaken in the killing of the preborn as an escort to the local Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Since 1970 Planned Parenthood itself has nearly done nine million abortions.

Just like John Lennon, Brazill wanted us to “imagine a world without religion.” The reasons are obvious. We would accept not only abortion and civil rights for the LGBTQI+, but we would also accept the entire agenda of the Free Love movement including the abolishment of the God ordained institutions of family and marriage. We would basically challenge the Law of God when it comes to his restrictions regarding family and sexual relations. We would all become like Margaret Sanger who hated marriage herself and encouraged women to not only be lazy but to become just like Eve attempted herself so many years ago. By the way, no once wanted to hang around Sanger when she was confined to a nursing home. Yet many of these people clinged to her Communist/Socialist ideals...coupled with her support of eugenics. Reading many of Brazill’s letters to Colorado publications and more, she was no different.

Her friends for sure will miss her, but as someone who feels that she has done great damage to our world...I sure will not. We still have Anne Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker coupled with their Freedom From Religion Foundation to content with (and who Brazill supported...and other Big A Atheists). If you follow the people they admire, you can see that many of them really don’t like America’s founding principles and are truly more supportive of Marxism, anarchism, anti-capitalist, left-wing ideology and dogma. It will not stop with sexual liberation, for they will be advocating for the theft of private property (for some “greater good” like “Peace, Bread, and Land” or whatever) and the abolishment of real liberty...not to mention making the Christian faith a crime and the persecution of those who hold to such a faith. Just like in the former Soviet Union and Red China which has gotten more powerful in recent years with Chairman Xi.

Not all evil people get locked away or get put down for the good of society. Sadly many of them have been able to do great damage to our culture. Janet Ann (Solt) Brazill was truly an evil, vile, and wicked woman (just as Sanger and FFRF’s co-founder Anne Nicole Gaylor; the later declared “Abortion is a Blessing”), who was allowed to partake in the destruction of the Christian west. We are better off without her, but we have a long way to go in repairing the damage she and others like her caused then...and now.

Oh and Jan (that’s what her closest friends called her... or maybe preferred to be called), say hello to Bon Scott and Malcolm Young (both of them co-wrote Highway To Hell) for me if you get the chance. Only a matter of time when the rest of AC/DC reunites with them.

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