COVID-19 Thoughts Part 54: Could "Lift Every Voice and Sing" bring a revival to America

For the first week of the upcoming NFL season, two anthems will be played. Our national anthem The Star-Spangled Banner, followed by Lift Every Voice and Sing which has become an anthem for the American black community. Before all you people who demand honor for America and it’s flag and anthem pitch a fit, let us look over Lift Every Voice.

Lift Every Voice and Sing is grounded in Biblical doctrine, and was inspired in part by the story of Exodus (in which Moses took his own people out of captivity and towards the promised land) as well as Psalm 105:2. The hymn acknowledges God almighty, and is basically a prayer of thanksgiving for faithfulness and freedom. It should have it’s place in the NFL this season and I think it should be played all season long.

That said if I could, their were would be certain requirements for this anthem, not just for the black community but for everyone involved. Yes, their should be some strings attached to this arrangement. The purpose would be to bring honest to goodness healing and common unity among the American body politic.

I would require that everyone on the team to be out on the field to honor both of these songs, in the messages each anthem declares. Their will be NO EXCEPTIONS! No will shall knell for either The Star-Spangled Banner or Lift Every Voice and Sing. This would be a call to bring fourth unity for not just black and the white, but for the red, the yellow, the brown and those who are some kind of combination of the above. Gosh dang-it people, we are going to need to have some kind of unity here. Right now and sadly The Star Spangled Banner is being view as a “White American Anthem.” It’s not right, but right now in this very hour, that is the perception. Sadly in the world of politics, perception IS reality...even if the perception is flat out wrong.

I am not calling for replacing The Star Spangled Banner at all. I am calling for us to reach out with an olive branch. I am calling for an exchange of ideals, in which we can explain what America is and it’s founding principles are. I am calling for something even greater and without this element...kiss America good-bye. We need to have an honest to goodness Judeo-Christian revival. We need to get back to the basics. We need to get back to the Law of God. Lift Every Voice can be the ground work needed to get us back to those very basics. We have to try at least.

The Black Lives Matter organization is not built on the foundations of Lift Every Voice and its writer James Weldon Johnson, but rather it is built on the words of a white secular Jewish agitator by the name of Karl Marx. The founders of BLM admitted to be open Marxists and have no shame in saying so. They also have the funding and support from the likes of George Soros, the Ford Foundation and other powerful progressive charities/foundations with deep pockets. Above all they also have the ear of many big corporations who want good public relations and ways to look good and keep their big cruse ships of sorts afloat.

I am not supporting the likes of the big corporations. They have no loyalty to country for they are only interested in making money and creating certain monopolies on their industries as they shut out any small person that could possibility become a threat. Same goes with certain hypocrites who got themselves rich for a skill set in playing a certain sport or whatever. The sad thing is that in end, these people are the greatest benefactors of Marxist Socialism. It only creates their family dynasties while keeping everyone else down. Indeed we are going back to the days of Born Poor/Die Poor, rather than a chance to grow rich in spite of being born poor.

Eventually in the end, nobody is going to take up my suggestion. The pro-anthem crowd demands only The Star Spangled Banner and nothing else. As I am writing this, my suggestion has been knocked down, in spite of my warning that its current seen as the 'White American’s National Anthem.' On the other hand; Lift Every Voice will be seen more as a black power anthem and not the honest acknowledgment of God Almighty. They will continue to allow themselves to be the useful idiots of an God hating deep down atheist stealth group devoted to Karl Marx’s enduring command to destroy the old order so that we can build a new order.

Truly a missed opportunity here for racial reconciliation...for both sides. Get ready for civil war. A war that could have been defused if only both sides made honest compromises, but both sides felt they were really making concessions. Both groups have to tell themselves they are right and the other side is downright wrong. I was trying to see if I could defuse the bomb, but no, because just like in football etc, politics is treated like a team sport and winning for the team is more important (in this case its was over America vs. BLM’s useful idiots). You keep forgetting people that politics and their worldviews do get people killed unjustly.

I have said it in the past, and now with a heavy heart; War is the answer. In this case, it did not have to be this way...and for what? Rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air vs. Ring with the harmonies of Liberty. All I called for was a temporary resolution to bring unity in a time of strife. Pride indeed goes before the fall, and an overkill of both American and “Black” pride is going to lead us to a 21st Century civil war.

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