COVID-19 Thoughts Part 52: Elijah McClain also being used for the BLM/Marxist Insurrection

The death of George Floyd rocked the nation. It has given the the Marxist front groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa (along with high profile individuals like Colin Kaepernick, his girlfriend Nessa Diab who corrupted him, and LeBron James), the much needed ammunition to not only attack local law enforcement, but to also call for the destruction of America as we know it.

It also called for the revisit of a similar death by the hands of law enforcement officers in my own state of Colorado. That would be the death of 23 year old Elijah McClain, which happened in August of last year. McClain unlike Floyd, had no criminal record but because of a 911 call from someone concerned of a person wearing a mask (this happened before the COVID-19 pandemic) and waving his arms, it seems that McClain’s actions got several people spooked. As McClain was heading home, he was confronted by Aurora police officers and told them he was an introvert as he was tensing up. Never less, the officers forced McClain to the ground and put a carotid hold on him. Later paramedics came on the scene and administered ketamine in order to sedate McClain. According the report from one of the paramedics, it was stated that he was given a higher dose of ketamine than which was truly needed. McClain soon went into cardiac arrest as he was taken to a local hospital. He passed away several days later.

A letter dated November 22, 2019; was released by the Adams & Broomfield Counties Judicial District’s Attorney’s office written and signed by the local DA himself, Dave Young. The report describes that McClain was fighting with the officers in question, claiming that he just wanted to go home. It was stated in the letter that in the reports, McClain reached for and actually got a hold of one of the officer’s gun. McClain might have never wanted to hurt anyone, not even a fly...but in the moment, if you yourself are in the boots of one of these officers, you don’t want to take that chance. At the minim McClain might just wanted to break free of the police officers and make a break for home, but who knows if he had something to hide...again you have to think in the moment. A blood toxicogly conducted on McClain found that he was not only positive for ketamine (as stated earlier; was administered by local paramedics) but also marijuana (which is legal in Colorado). Their was no concrete evidence that either drug contributed to McClain’s death. Based on all the evidence in the case; Young and the DA’s office stated that it can not support the filling of any criminal charges against the offices who tried to restrain McClain.

Thanks to the death of Floyd and the media publicity that followed it, those who gotten involved with the Black Lives Matter organisation and/or overall movement, want the McClain case revisited and to have the police that were directly involved likely put away for the rest of their lives. Last weekend, thousands of people gathered to partake in one of the two protests demanding “social justice” for McClain, who is gradually becoming another martyr for the current Marxist insurrection. Make no mistake, this is a Marxist insurrection that sadly so many progressives and leftists support. Of course many of them supported the ideals of Karl Marx and his successors over the years, and now with our young people are more accepting of Marx and those who came after him (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, F Castro, Guevara). Our institutions of learning taught our children well, and these new movements make the movements of the 1960’s (The Weather Underground, The Black Panthers, and SDS) almost look like a clown act.

In fairness, the protests for most of the day were peaceful but there was a desire to riot. According to KDVR Fox 31/KWGN Channel 2 News, there were only two people arrested during the protests. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis just signed an executive order to appoint Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser as special prosecutor to investigate McClain’s death. Now the BLM, Antifa, and their supporters await with baited breath for their “crucify Jesus” moment.

I actually would consider Elijah McClain to be a kindred spirit of mine. The young man lacked the social skills and admitted to law enforcement that he was an introvert. I tend to be an introvert myself, and some have said that McClain might have also had some degree of autism but that is not confirmed. I however must deal with the way I have been placed on the autism spectrum (the mild range) and I know how it feels to be taken out of context, and misunderstood by society at large. I feel for him and what he went through. He just wanted to be himself, and do what is right. But people like and him do certain things that spook people, and those people wanted to protect either themselves, their families, and their property. The Aurora police officers were fearful of their own lives and did what they had to do in order protect themselves and make sure that McClain was not a threat. Sadly it ended with McClain’s death. I found myself on the bad side of cops myself one time, but it was resolved peacefully. Nobody who tries to do what is right, wants to be on the bad side of law enforcement.

That does not mean we should put the law enforcement officers involved with the McClain case into double jeopardy in order to resolve a grievance, which is not the end game for the BLM/Antifia crowd, but rather a chance to burn and destroy America as we know it and replace it with another Marxist socialist experiment that will eventually fail, but hurt the lives of many people introvert or not along the way.

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