COVID-19 Thoughts: Part 51: Underage Sexual Relationships and the need to push back on making them legal

On the June 22 edition of the Michael Knowles program, he pointed out that the progressive leftist radicals in Columbus, Ohio wanted to change the name of the city to Flavortown. It seems to be a neutral name for a city, and no need to honor any more flawed human beings of the past, especially Chris Columbus who brought pain and misery to the Native American and we must forever grieve for them. The progressives are revising history as always, and the radicals hate the man that discovered the world that would become known as North and South America.

But Knowles spoke of a warning regarding changing the name of Columbus to Flavortown. Sure Columbus might be a test market for new food and drink products, and it was birth home to restaurateur, author, and media personality Guy Fieri (Guy's Grocery Games, Minute to Win It), but Flavortown would make a bold statement about human nature as well, as Knowles warns that radical progressivism replaces real culture, real heritage, real history, real art, real literature, and real tradition. Indeed it is truly a different kind of infection, and unlike COVID-19, progressivism (or liberalism, leftist; I prefer the later) stays in a culture for a very long time. So what do we get in return for chucking all the “real” things that progressivism “corrects?” Well the answer is simple, “Consumption.” We are here to feed our appetites, nothing more and nothing less.

It is not just eating and drinking, but that also includes our sexual desires and our desires to control others. This is not the concepts of liberty and freedom that the founders had in mind. We were to practice self-control and overcome our human nature in order to be free in the world...once again the discipline of the Judeo-Christian ethic. The Pagan leftists disagree for they think liberty is giving in, embracing the inner hunger of human nature. Paul Stanley of KISS sang; It ain't a crime to be good to yourself. In reality, it is a a crime because many times that not, being good to yourself does infringe on other people’s liberty and freedom.

Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States expanded legal protections for the LGBTQ and soon they will be calling it the LGBTQ+ once they keep expanding sexual orientations and genders. Let me warn you right now, that these punks will be working harder to make it legal for adults to have sex with underage children. They may be able to redefine Pedophilia and give it a kinder term, but it does not change the fact that it’s about adult-child sexual relations. If you think that could never happen, let me remind you of one famous person; Michael Jackson. Even if he was just “Off The Wall” to coin an album title of MJ’s; our media went above and beyond the call to defend the pop star. Long after his death, it seems that the proof that MJ was indeed turned on by young boys; based on the testimonies of certain men that dealt with this disorder and with MJ himself. It was not just about money...but sadly their is still reasonable doubt regarding MJ and his legacy. We do know that he had a hard life, even with the 15 minutes of fame with his brothers (as part of the Jackson 5, later renamed the Jacksons), and those issues being magnified when he was able to solidify his solo career.

While MJ’s legacy is tainted but still safe and upheld by the mainline progressive press, Germany’s international public media organization Deutsche Welle (DW) reported that the late psychology professor Helmut Kentler intentionally placed homeless children from then West Berlin with men who he knew were pedophiles. Kentler claimed that these pedophiles would make loving foster parents and were even given a regular care allowance. He saw no problem with sexual contact between children and adults and claimed it was harmless. The child welfare offices agreed with Kentler and approved of the placement of these children with the known pedophiles, and turned a blind eye. He stayed in contact with the children and their foster parents. When two of of the victims stepped forward to testify, the statute of limitations expired, allowing Kentler to get away with what he had done. The Berlin authorities in the present day are working now to set things right.

Don’t forget about the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). They may no longer hold national meetings and then some, but our governments at all levels have done nothing to break up this group that should be declared a criminal front group, but they will not. Meanwhile NAMBLA are waiting for the day when underage sexual relationships will be legal.

Denver based Christian media personality Bob Enyart, created a long list of progressives who don’t have have a problem with underage sexual relations. Of course Hollywood and others in the entertainment industry on a global scale forever defend acclaimed movie director Roman Polanski, who defected from the United States in order to escape a likely lengthily prison sentence for his sexual assault of a then 13 year old model.
Mark my words, the end game is for every form of sexuality to be normalized (does not matter of polygamy is legal before sexual relations with underage children are accepted), while those who push back on this perversion get their candles foolin, I mean it. Flavortown sounds more like Sodom and Gomorrah and Romans better believe it kids. Don’t tell me that that the devil does not exist. The push to get a license to sin is too strong (especially when it comes to sex), and the push back is not strong enough. If underage relationships with adults get the OK from SCOTUS, just remember that the progressive worldview and those who hold and cling to it, never really had a problem with it. It will not be just homosexual men and the young boys they prey upon. Young girls will be fair game from certain women seeking them along with older men.

I have nothing against relationships that span wide age gaps (legal and consenting adults of course), but I am also for parental rights and I don’t support sexual exploitation of children, such as the acts done by the children of West Berlin long ago.

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