COVID-19 Thoughts Part 49: NBC News proves to be Progressive activists

Remember the term “Vast right-wing conspiracy?” The phrase was actually coined by political consultant Chris Lehane, but he was once part of the Clinton Crime Family himself doing their “opposition research.” Hillary Clinton herself used the term forever popularizing it in an interview did with the NBC News organization. The interview was done by the now disgraced Matt Lauer on NBC’s long running breakfast news/talk program Today.

NBC News has been good at showing off it’s progressive colors over the years, maybe more so than it’s like minded competitors. Regardless if was Michael Gartner (president of NBC News from 1988 until 1993) who expressed a progressive worldview in his political commentaries (many for his former employer USA Today) and likely was the guy who said we needed to change the U.S. Constitution in order to have gun control (called out in a NRA ad featuring Charlton Heston and Gerald McRaney), or when sister network MSNBC saw a niche in appealing to progressives minded Americans by taking MSNBC in an admitted progressive worldview direction with Chris Matthews (who was in place already), Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann (who joined in 2003), and the late Ed Schultz leading the charge. Maddow is still with MSNBC but is now joined by Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell (a producer and writer for The West Wing who modeled the show’s fictional President after Bill Clinton), Chuck Todd (who now hosts Meet The Press and a daily version of the respected show on MSNBC), and Brian Williams who fell from grace from the flagship NBC News Program Nightly News, but got redeemed by becoming a commentator on MSNBC.

Now it’s one thing to have people who admit they are progressive on MSNBC and elsewhere. It is another to to claim that you’re a neutral (nobody really is) and objective journalist. Now I am all for for opinion journalism, but I only ask one thing to quote iHeart Media’s Mike Rosen based out of Denver; “Tell Me where You Sit, before You tell me where You Stand.” The problem is that the major news media outlets don’t admit they have a progressive bent and/or support the planks of the Democratic Party and/or the political party itself. They say they are trying to get both sides of the argument of how to solve problems and enact public policy, but in reality its not true and basically are trying to quietly nudge Americans towards the progressive worldview. They don’t want to be as open as certain newspapers of the past that had an admitted bias.

This brings us to the latest rookie at NBC News, British journalist Adele-Momoko Fraser who was just recently hired by NBC News in January of this year. Fraser has only worked for NBC for about six months. Prior to joining NBC News, Fraser had stints at UK based media outlets Sky News, Channel 4, and CBS News. Except for Sky News all the other previous gigs were done freelance. At NBC News, she has moved quickly up the food chain starting out as a producer of UK based NBC News programming department to Verification Center Producer; a position she has held for three months now.

In the spirit of being the do-gooder journalist, Fraser apparently came across a study from the UK based Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDHate) that pointed out ten websites they deemed to have published racist criticisms of the “recent protests” regarding the death of George Floyd. She then forwarded this study to executives at Google which called out and denounced two conservative leaning news sites; Zero Hedge and The Federalist. Apparently Google touched base with them threatening to ban both sites from their ad platform, and it was not over anything that the organizations wrote but rather what readers have commented on at those sites. Fraser meanwhile writes her own story about this for NBC News, and also writes a few statements on Twitter which basically lets everyone know where she’s sits on the issue. She may have removed them, but thanks to the likes of Tucker Carlson and Ben Shaprio, we know that Fraser is just another leftist in the clothing of a news reporter. Fraser pats herself on back and pats NBC’s Verification Center for pushing back on “radical right wing,” and not only thanks CCHate but another UK left wing radical website called Stop Funding Fake News. All in a hard days work...right Ms. Fraser? She then ends the now deleted tweet with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter and three raised fists of power, showing her support for the namesake group and cause. Once again the guardians of the people did their part on making world a better place for humanity.

The progressives will lump people like myself far right. Everyone just about is far right...unless you a Republican caving in to the big government demands of the progressive radicals. Well...Zero Hedge and The Federalist are right-wing for sure. It’s an old and easy tactic that the progressives use to silence the masses and make us submit to the changes that the progressives want to make in not only in America or the UK, but the whole world.
The good thing to come out of this, just more proof that your popular mainstream media has ripped off its own mask of objectivity and exposed themselves as the progressive, left wing, Democrat Party press (or in the case of Fraser; the Labour Party and their like minded allies and minor political parties in the UK).

Once again NBC is making the news, rather than seeking news. Fraser should be careful however should she play loose with the facts as she also not only tried to censor conservative sites, but also the voice of the people (for better or worse). Otherwise, she herself will experience what happened to Michael Gartner (when NBC faked a news story regarding GM’s trucks and the danger they pose to drivers) and Brian Williams (being downed in military helicopter which was not true to begin)...but since Williams has a commentary program on MSNBC now...who knows; Adele-Momoko Fraser could be the next Christiane Amanpour.

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