COVID-19 Thoughts Part 48: SCOTUS continues to advance The Sexual Revolution

Now that the Supreme Court of the United States has extended legal status to Transgenders along with others in the LGBTQ, coupled with the Marxist radicals hope that this will finally make Christianity a crime while more sexual perversion gets decriminalized, I think it’s time to put the issues of Abortion and the Rainbow Jihad into a greater topic. One that is not getting the discussion that it really needs to be talked about now. This greater issue has caused the breakdown of the family, and caused more poverty and misery in recent years and up the present. It is that something that the Baby Boomers pushed on the macro culture and more people pushed backed, they simply demoralized us as Victorian, backwards, religious zealots, prudes etc etc.

That greater topic as by many of its advocates is “Free Love,” or as I like to call it, Sexual Liberation.
While the 1960’s gave the Free Love Movement much wider publicity and fame, its roots go back much further. It began as an ideal among certain libertarian liberals that the state needed to get out of the affairs of sexual relations and stay out of the affairs of marriage, birth control and adultery. They have argued that any such issues that involve sexual relations with other adults are the concern of the people involved and that everyone else especially the church and state should basically M.Y.O.B.

The Law of God would strongly disagree with M.Y.O.B. Free Love DOES have victims which the adults advocating it seem to overlook or worse simply just don’t care. It attacks the traditional family unit which was established by God himself. The act of adultery effects the children that are part of the family especially if they are at a young age. There will emotional and psychological scars due to the loose passions of the adults, and should some strife and enmity be developed among those very adults the consequences can be overreaching. It will have it’s effect on the macro culture...someway and somehow.

The Age of Enlightenment supported the ideal of Free Love and eventually became a cornerstone for those who support most forms of Marxist Socialism and/or Feminism. Mary Wollstonecraft was one of those advocates of Free Love. Although she was married to anarchist William Godwin, Wollstonecraft hated and loathed the institution of marriage. She wrote a few fictional stories that promoted the ideal that free love lifts up women. Among those stories are; Mary: A Fiction and an unfinished novel titled Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman. Wollstonecraft’s daughter Mary Shelley (who was best known for the novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus) would carry on her mother’s work in advancing free love. Other well known advocates of Free Love included science fiction author H.G. Wells, playwright George Bernard Shaw, Sigmund Freud, and philosopher-historian Bertrand Russell. Shaw was double and triple minded while Wells and Russell hands down were solid rib rock committed socialists and Wells himself met up with Lenin and Stalin. Other feminists including Mary Gove Nichols; would also pick up on the Free Love agenda and declare the marriage institution is something wicked and evil. Freud called religion an illusion.

The 20th Century would give us sexologist Alfred Kinsey and feminist anarchist Margaret Sanger. The later like Nichols, Shellley, and Wollstonecraft before them advocated free love and attacked marriage along with promoting birth control and even eugenics; while Kinsey published his reports which would help put homosexuality and other deviant forms of sex in a positive light. Sanger was born in a family of socialist anarchists (but she renounce their Catholic faith along the way) while Kinsey renounced the Christian faith of his parents and would become an atheist. Between the two however, the ground work for the sexual revolution of the 20th Century that was strongly embraced by the baby boomers and the later silent generation.

Sarah Weddington who was among the final members of the silent generation, collaborated with SDS leftist radicals (Students for a Democratic Society) and worked at making abortion legal in the United States. Their effort would take them to the Supreme Court and making Roe vs. Wade (and Doe vs. Bolton) a reality. Legal abortion was another leap for Free Love, as now sexual relations can be separated from not just marriage but procreation as well. Now the LGBTQ got their piece of the action in the 21st Century. Starting with Obergefell v. Hodges making same sex marriage legal, and now to top that off Bostock v. Clayton County rewrites the Civil Rights Act of 1964 giving the LGBTQ minority status. No thanks to a Republican judge appointed by President Donald Trump himself.

Many of these people advocating for the sexual revolution were indeed part of the apostate and turned on the Christian faith while claiming to be atheist/freethinkers, Marxists, anarchists, Maoist and other variations that advocate statism and while claiming to support liberty and freedom for certain groups. I am now convinced more than ever that the Freedom From Religion Foundation and other humanist radical front groups are just that; a Front group, for a much more wicked agenda. FFRF declared abortion a blessing and supported everything that the LGBTQ wanted. In in the end they want to cleanse faith from the public square especially Christianity while making sexual perversion and deviancy more mainstream. The God Haters are all in for Free Love kids.

This is not going to stop with same sex marriage and transgenderism. In spite of the Catholic Church and it’s issues with pedophilia, it’s not pedophilia that bugs the pagan left. It’s the Catholic Church and it’s historical teachings. They don’t see a problem with pedophilia for that will be the next step in 21st Century Sexual Liberation. The Democrat Party/Progressive press already did stories that put underage drag queens in a positive light and making them acceptable in the marco culture. Eventually adult/child sexual relations will become normalized. This is a far cry from Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy. By the time they met, Mary-Kate was a already a legal adult. Most age of consent laws consider teens legal adults around 16 years of age while a handful of states have the age of consent at 18 and 17 years of age. Certain states however do have close-in-age laws which stifles the ability of parents to file rape charges. It was reported that Ruth Bader Ginsburg before joining SCOTUS advocated for the age of consent to be reduced to 12 years of age, which would allow for adult/child sexual relationships.

The courts are not longer going to save us, protect our freedom of religion, or defend God’s Law which they have yet to chisel away in the SCOTUS courtroom itself. It will take people of faith, people who fear God to protest this wickedness of the Rainbow Jihad before they take America into moral decadence if their allies in Black Lives Matter and Antifa don’t do it first.

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