COVID-19 Thoughts Part 47: How a radio play became Fake News.

Let us go back to October 30, 1938 when one of the biggest pieces of Fake News was made that very evening. For those who know their history on this, people turned into the CBS Radio network to find out that Martians were real, and were going to kill us as they plan to colonize our planet for their own. The Mercury Theater on the Air did not have a sponsor at the time and only one disclaimer wwas used during the middle the broadcast. Eventually Orson Welles admitted on air that his radio adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel The War of the Worlds was a radio version of dressing up in a bed sheet and jumping onto the sidewalk and saying “boo!” Enough people did not think critically enough to realize that this was intention fake news. The radio program would earn a sponsor out of this radio production, and TMTotA would be renamed The Campbell Playhouse (named after the respected sponsor Campbell Soup Company aka Campbell’s). Today’s it’s considered to be one of THE classic radio programs of all time, and TMTotA might have not gotten the fame had it not produced it’s classic piece of fake news. 

The point is the media does have power. They can use that power to present certain facts to inform the masses, or put them into panic, or above those very things, to lead a call for action. In the year 2020 certain calls for action were made and we are on the tipping point of big time change...some of it may be good, but I fear a lot of the change may not be for the better.

When COVID-19 hit, many of us agreed with the lockdown imposed by our government. President Trump agreed with the “health experts” and even agreed with extended into May. We all had a rotten Easter, thanks to these health experts, and all we wanted to keep our hospitals from being overrun with C-19 cases. It proved to be an overreaction, but our media continues to roll with the panic. President Donald Trump did not want the shut down to go on any longer, but our media did...especially if it could help them defeat Trump once and for all. Certain patriots were getting restless, and decided to come out and protest the lock downs imposed on them by certain governors...especially those in the blue states. They protested and yes some may have carried weapons, but what did our media do? They demoralized them and shamed them for not social distancing and for not trusting the state cause they were doing the right thing for the greater good of humanity...yeah right. They called them extreme and claiming they want to infect other people. They just simply told us to submit to the state and “Stay Home” until the State says otherwise. See the Democrat Party supporting media still has some power. We shut down, We listened to the “science,” We embraced a Maoist/Marxist shutdown more less. They shame us for questioning the program.

On Memorial Day evening of this year, that script would soon be flipped, no thanks to a dirty cop who threw his weight of power on George Floyd and basically killed him. Nobody approved of this, but yet the Democrat supporting media to no ones surprise supported the protests (not to mention riots) of the Black Lives Matter movements and their allies in other leftist Marxist groups. The media personalities regardless if it’s Joy Reid (MSNBC), Chris “Fredo” Cuomo (CNN, and I like my nickname for him ‘Little Chrissy’ much better), Don Lemon (CNN), or if its Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi making the media rounds. They are all in for the “struggle” and support of the protests; not to mention the covering up for their misdeeds and by the way; these thugs destroyed the many lives of small business people. So much for the Democratic Party being for the working stiff...unless of course your a public school teacher, or a worker at Kroger, Albertsons or any other union shop you can name off the top of your head.

The Democrat Party press rebuked you for protesting the shut downs...which were peaceful, but if you took part in the BLM protests for the honor of George Floyd (who they made into a martyr for their cause), then COVID-19 and social distancing goes out the window. It was just a con to began with. Anything that advances the Marxist agenda will get the support of our major Democrat Party Progressive public policy socialist supporting press.

The media has been in control of the progressives for a very long time, but now you better be all in for the cause or your going to be “O-U-W-T” Out. Back in the day the likes of news anchor Walter Cronkite, and TV producer and writer Norman Lear had successful runs in their respected roles, but they only nudged the American people to the left. They knew they could not do it too quickly. Cronkite anchored the CBS Evening News from April 1962 (when it was first called Walter Cronkite with the News when he replaced Douglas Edwards in both title and anchor role) until March 1981. Norman Lear took the UK sitcom Till Death Us Do Part and it’s lead character Alf Garnett (who complained about the worldview that his daughter and son in-law held) and adapted the sitcom for American audiences in 1971 as All In The Family and Alf Garnett becoming Archie Bunker. Lee Adams and Charles Strouse spiced the sitcom with a theme song about the past performed by Carroll O'Connor (who played Archie) and Jean Stapleton (as wife Edith aka Dingbat) ‘Death’ did not have such a theme or had its main actors sing it. Lear also had sitcom hits with Maude, The Jeffersons, and the original One Day at a Time which also reflected the changes in cultures that Lear approved of.

In both of their respected professions, Cronkite and Lear were able to successfully nudge the America audience somewhat to the progressive worldview that many in the news media as well in the Entertainment media held to and still do. Today’s those passions have become magnified as many on the left feel that their end goals are close to being met. Lear formed his left wing organization People for The American Way to counter the conservative wave of the early 1980’s after suffering a defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and the election of Ronald Reagan as President of the United States. The very same progressives felt that with the eight years of Barack Obama that America was ready to finally embrace the progressive transformation of America and allow Hillary Clinton to finish what Obama started. Donald J. Trump however got in the way.

Now the Democrat Party press must milk COVID-19 and the George Floyd riots all they can in order to convince enough people...especially the younger generations born in the 1980’s and beyond to join cause and vote for Joe Biden and embrace the change. Even if you have to convince them, that the end of the world is coming if we don’t vote Democratic straight ticket, and leave the old values (especially that of the Law of God) behind.

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