COVID-19 Thoughts Part 46: Blacks Women and the LGBTQ...great voting blocs for the Democrat Party

Feminism Mark Levin did a great job recapping his statements that he made in his previous books on his June 5th program  mostly from Amertopia and Plunder and Deceit.  Levin pointed out the current economic rebound and stated that the Ivy League schools are not taking in a lot of Asian students.  The progressive left seems to have issues with the Asians.  The Asians have yet to embrace the lack of education (other than taking Marxism as the gospel truth) and that you really dont need a family in your life and that your traditions of need to part with them.  Wow so much for embracing diversity. I guess that term from Orwell about some animals being more equal than others is a true statement.  Let me rephrase it however.  Some minorities are more equal than others. It seems to me that the progressive left prefers minorities that are committed (knowingly or not) to what the progressives want to advance in our country.  Granted if they can get all the minority groups to support what the left supports the better.  Certain minorities may not be easily controlled or at least not all in for what the left at large wants all at once.  Then it hit me; the Black community/African-Americans women (regardless of skin color) and the LGBTQ (regardless of skin color and gender) have been among the strongest minority groups to benefit not only the Democrat Party but are also the strongest groups that may very well usher in the progressive lefts fundamental transformation of America. I will start with the women first. The progressives has been successful with getting the women to vote Democrat by getting the women to strongly dislike (if not downright hate) the family men and above all the historical faith in God.  Many of the old religions especially Judeo-Christian promote the concept of the woman being a good servant to her husband and her God and as such she is encouraged to be the caretakers of the home and family (including procreating children and raising them to fear God).  Now if among those children happen to be daughters the woman has a greater role in training them to be future wives and mothers.  Basically this is the virtuous woman that is described in Proverbs 31: 10-31.  In the New Testament Paul himself encourages women to dress with respectable apparel modesty and self-control and learn in submission. Since the beginning of creation their were always women who questioned God and his creation order.  Going right back to the Garden of Eden when the devil got Eve to question Gods Law regarding the forbidden tree.  The rest they say is history.  I dont need to go over the other women of the Bible but in our modern day and age the term modesty has a fragile meaning.  Even I had to learn the hard way. One man that also had to learn it the hard way long before I did was county judge Archie Simonson of Wisconsin.  Simonson infamously declared that rape is a normal male reaction to provocative female clothing.  The year was 1977 at the height of feminism and the push for the so-called Equal Rights Amendment.  Dane County is the home of Madison Wisconsin; and also a hot bed for not only feminism but progressive politics.  The feminists were very successful in removing Simonson from the bench and replacing him with a feminist friendly one who was one herself.  Simonson still was a family man with daughters of his own and would live a long life...passing away in June 2018.  Women dont have to be modest but can get a man in trouble for noticing.  Today women are encouraged to not only express themselves sexually they are also encourage to enjoy their desires and not live under any mans thumb...especially should she choose to have children.  Single women tend to not only vote Democratic but also embrace a progressive worldview unlike a good amount of women who get married and seek the interests of her family over her self.  Thus the reason why our culture love single women who play loose and free even if that endangers her children...if any. The LGBTQ is also popular with progressive Democrats for similar reasons.  One big reason is that it challenged the traditional family with its goal to not only weaken it but to redefine it.  Our government thanks to our Supreme Court (Obergefell v. Hodges) basically made One Woman/One Man marriage meaningless by embracing Same Sex Marriage.  Long before that achieving that goal adoption of children to gay couple became common place in most major cities.  The LGBTQ is seen as a group of people in which the progressive left can deconstruct America.  Of course both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible would call homosexuality an abomination.  In fact many of the old faiths frown upon homosexuality...even Islam. Those who followed the history of the Democratic Party and the history of slavery (and getting passed the white washing the Democrats and their progressive allies have done) know that they have profited in the slave trade when it was legal.  The white man stole the land from the Native Americans and the white man had his package of slaves to work the lands they took and made themselves prosperous.  It took a process for the Democrats to be corrected in humbled in their wicked acts towards the African American but even with the Civil Rights  Act of 1964 you cant bring a good group of Cons down...and the Democrat Party are a group of good Cons.  Nor can you really humble them.  LBJ successful changed the con and now the black community of America are the Democrats greatest tool of useful idiots to keep that respective party relevant and afloat. This brings us to the present day and the so-called Black Lives Matter movement and official namesake organization coupled with support from the Antifa.  Unlike the Black Panthers (BPP) of old BLM has garnered mass appeal and support from a marco culture.  However the mind of BLM is quite similar to the BPP.  Certain demands that are common include; an end to police brutality and the abolishment of the prison system.  Both groups demand government funding for the black community to live conformable; especially if they have certain dysfunctions that may be frowned upon by many people but it will be taxpayers paying for it until they no longer have money of their own.  Both groups also demand justice for the black community whatever that might at the moment but one thing for sure.  When the cops especially of lighter pigmentation get killed by blacks the BBP/BLM types will be celebrating.  Both private and publicly. Dont expect BLM to renounce the legacy of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger in spite of her open racism.  Like todays Antifa movement Sanger herself was a Communist/Anarchist.  Both were ready willing and able to tear down the current society in favor of the new society they have envisioned.  In fact BLM stated in their own writings; We deserve and thus we demand reproductive justice (code word for abortion) that gives us autonomy over our bodies and our identities while ensuring that our children and families are supported safe and able to thrive.  Thus the preborn are not people and can be snuffed out for the greater good...especially sexual liberation (or Free Love) which Sanger promoted along with the extermination of  Negros (which the black people were once called) via her Negro Project (and yet we still have a United Negro College Fund). Steve Deace BLM does not pass your justice test and you and I know that the likes of BLM and Antifa could not care less. Sanger was all about sexual liberation and felt that a world in which people held Karl Marxs worldview would make it happen.  Sexual liberation is also promoted by the feminists and the LGBTQ.  Getting the black community to support both by making them depended on government and embracing Marxist ideals worked like a charm just as LBJ envisioned.  Sadly for all of the above when the Marxists have achieved absolute power over everyone...all bets will be off and they will throw their useful idiots under the bus like the rest of us.  In the meantime the Democrat Party has made all these groups conformable enough to buy votes endlessly of the American Black Community along with the women and the LGBTQ. The COVID-19 pandemic could also help make Eugenics great again but that is another piece that may or may not be written but I dont trust those who want to force us to take the needle.  Sanger by the way was all in for eugenics. We are of one Race...The Human Race.  All Lives Matter as we are all created by the same God.  A God that sadly many choose to challenge. Please visit my Facebook page DNMs World and give it and Like or Follow.
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