COVID-19 Thoughts Part 118: Why the Great Beyond is Great

The 2020-21 season finale of Freedom From Religion Foundation’s television program, Freethought Matters was released over Memorial Day weekend, and they went into this year’s summer hiatus with an interesting program indeed.  It asked this $64,000 Question; “What’s so great about the Great Beyond?”

The program highlighted quotes from some of history’s well known God hating Freethinkers.  Here are the commonalties although not all of necessarily share them.  They are more focused on making the current life better, they hate the ideal of living forever and/or being punished by someone and/or something greater than the human race, they seek concreate evidence that God exists, and they love to mock God and mock people of faith, and they think because they have so much education that makes them “smarter than the average bear.” 

They have all this head knowledge and because they have that head knowledge, that makes them smart than any dumb smuck who still believes in a personal God.  These people have made peace with our dying world, and are prepared to go into no existence once this life is done, but they will try to milk this life for as much as they can.  They may not be all nihilistic, but saying that you going to rot away and then some is in my opinion nihilistic thinking in itself.  Sure, its scientific on the surface, but a God-fearing person would not think and talk that way, for the focus is on life...even with eventual death in this life.

Let us be honest, most of these militant freethinkers who wear their disbelief like a badge are also the most vocal and passionate people who are convicted to make the world in their image…regardless if we want them to or not.  Their rejection of God only creates a void in their hearts if not their souls.  Because of this, something must fill that God shaped hole, and more often than not; politics and social activism fills that void.  It is by no accident that most who call themselves either Free Thinker, Atheist-Agonistic, Skeptic, Deist, Humanist would declare themselves to be politically Progressive if not Hard Left.  These people having rejected God, see no need to conserve the common-sense principles as laid out by the founders of America as well as the Law of God which has proven to keep communities stables as long as that very Law is honored.

When God’s Law says do not Steal or Covet, these godless progressives would rather say we need to take from Peter for the greater good (which more often than not makes the centralized State more powerful). Now what is wrong with coveting, people?  We wish for things and people that somebody else has…especially their martial partner.  You know what?  Nothing is wrong with Coveting…who knows…you just might “get lucky” should the old relationship go flat.  When God’s Law says do not murder, the left would say…hey abortion is about woman’s right to choose and certain old people who don’t want to live anymore should be able to end their lives.  When God’s Law says that you execute murderers, these very same leftists actually oppose the death penalty for criminals…rather let them rot in prison until they buy the farm…or worse…set them free…likely to commit another crime.  God says don’t kill the innocent, the Progressive Left especially the God Haters either do kill, or allow for the killing of the innocent.  Its as if they are trying to prove God and his Law wrong…a God they claim they don’t believe in…or worse…they PLAY God or declare themselves God.  This goes back to the lie Satan told Eve via a snake.

For all the talk from militant free thinkers and/or humanists talking about making our world better which they have in the past…they are now making things worse if not closer to our own self-destruction.  They ignore the proverb that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  An early statement was “Hell is full of good meanings and wishes.”  The 1968 movie adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, has this quote; “The best intentions pave the way to Hell.”  The words were never penned by William Shakespeare. 

So, what is so Great about the Great Beyond?  It is where people can finally seek peace and refuge from this current life and from those who have done great harm to those who believed and followed and feared God…and choose to follow Jesus Christ who came to Earth to die on the cross for our sins.  Something that you and myself could not do.  For those who are condemned to Hell, it will establish justice for any wrong doing God’s enemies have done…including those who try to make this world Heavenly for themselves, but a real Hell for others.  Once again, most of these Freethinkers are Statists at heart, and they are fans of Marx, Zinn, Alinsky, Chomsky, Che…HANDS DOWN!  All the above were a cancer to the human race and only created more misery on this Earth.

Conservatives, even those who do not believe in God and/or have doubts like David Horowitz (a former leftist radical raised by such) must stand against the likes of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (AU).  Without the Spirit of the Lord…there will be little to zero Liberty.  We must now take these militant infidels very seriously and treat them as the enemy from within…because they really are.  Annie Laurie Gaylor declared that children should not be taught about God and the possibilities of going to a real Hell until they are “old enough.”  However, she and others that think like her will do all they can to indoctrinate your children into a flawed faith and humanist worldview, built on shifting sands and whatever is in vogue at the moment, and at young ages.  The public education system has become their church of sorts and Progressivism is the closest thing to a state church in America.  The freethinkers are part of the same progressive group that wants to “fundamentally transform” America.  Something that will fall just like Rome and everything else that choose to challenge God and his Holy Law.

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