COVID-19 Thoughts Part 117: The Freedom From Religion Foundation favors the destruction of Women's Athletics

The one thing that motivates the likes of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is how far can we go with not only banning statements of Faith from the public square, but how far can they go in their Blasphemy in a God they actually don’t believe in…or do They?   ‘We rather reject God and serve the forces of Lucifer and rejoice in advancing his cause…as with God, we don’t believe in him either.  We just think that we should have the right to engage in our personal pleasure without being rebuked by a bunch of people who still believe in that “rotting corpse of Christianity.”’  If this was a “subject” in the Winner’s Circle game on the heritage game show Pyramid, it would be; “What someone in the Freedom From Religion Foundation might say.”  Not going to happen…but you get the ideal.  Also, ‘women being able to murder their preborn children in their womb for no reason or any reason is a blessing.’

FFRF’s founders or in part helped make preborn baby murder "a blessing" for women who want to be truly 'free,' especially when it comes to their sexuality and now, they are helping the LGBTQ with their sexual liberation.  Now with the courts making Same Sex Marriage legal, they have moved on to more special rights for the sexually perverted…. especially the rights of transsexuals (once called transvestites) to compete in sports with the gender they feel comfortable with rather than the one that they were born with…and dare I say the way they were originally created “in God’s image.”  For an organization that claims that ‘Women need Freedom From Religion,’ they will also become the same organization that helps pound the death nails into women’s sports, claiming that the fight to keep men posing as women from competing is based on “religion’s interpretations of biblical gender stereotypes and immorality, rather than science and humanity.”  Well, if people followed the real science, you can see these posers have been beating those born women and denying them not only medals and trophies but shutting them out of the greater end of season tournaments, which also deny them a chance to be scouted by coaches and acquire a college scholarship in their sport.  Ask Selina Soule who got screwed out of advancing in her sport of Track and Field by two posers who unfairly beat her, but allowed because of the political pressure in the state of Connecticut.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, you and your mother are among the most evil and corrupt women this human race has ever produced.  What you and Anne Nicol called progress, is in reality ushering in another collapse of a human society.  I ask Annie, would your mother actually approve of men posing as women to compete in women’s sports and I don’t want any lectures about religion at all…just a simple yes or no.  I think deep down you are more concerned with your cultural (dare I say Marxist) revolution rather than some posers who would steal world records of natural born women.  How does that advance women?  Or is this just about women and emasculated men seeking political power?  After all, your mother who was so vile, wicked, and evil as you are if not worse declared preborn baby killing a blessing (that’s right I called it preborn baby murder) just because the women wanted a sexual experience but no brats to raise afterwards.  These posers are just going to help women’s sports fold upon itself…but hey the sexual revolution is more/less complete, and we can raise our fist and middle finger to God and prove him that he was wrong and that we can be just like him…or we don’t need his help or his gift of salvation.  That’s more important to a woman of great evil in the 21st Century (that would be you Annie Laurie, but you’re not alone of course).  Destroy women’s sports to advance women?  Congratulations, you are truly destroying common sense…just so that you can abolish not only “religion” but make us all men.  I doubt that even Selina Soule will help change your mind.

This is not about Walter Carlos becoming Wendy Carlos and releasing the iconic Switched-On Bach album in which he (I will use the gender Carlos was born as) preforms several well-known pieces from Johann Sebastian Bach (a God-fearing man by the way) on Moog synthesizer keyboards and was truly cutting edge back in 1968.  The album topped Billboard’s Classical album chart from 1969 until 1972 and peaked at #10 on the Billboard 200 album chart.  It won three Grammy Awards including Best Classical Album.  Carlos released a sequel to Switched-On Bach in late 1973 which was not as successful of the first album but still sold over 70,000 in its first five weeks of release.  Carlos also composed the score of such movies including A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick’s iconic adaption of Steven King’s The Shinning, and Walt Disney’s first Tron movie.  Carlos is a great composer of movie scores and great at adapting Bach and Beethoven to electronic music.  That can’t be taken away…regardless if Walter rather be a Wendy.  I would not have a problem with these posers able to join the women in certain clubs or anything that is not physical either.

Now I would have a problem if sometime in the future, some man who poses as a woman breaking Katie Ledecky’s records in swimming.  Ledecky might have some masculine traits within her, but she is still born female, and opened doors for women that may be similar to her…but that would be thrown all away if men posing as women are allowed to compete in these sports.  My resolution would be this.  If your born man or woman you compete with the gender that you were born in…regardless if you had your sex surgery or whatever.  Another option would be that allow transgenders to compete only among themselves.  These proposed remedies I strongly believe are fair and honest. 

As for the transgenders that defeated Selina Soule, I wonder if they became trans just to win medals and 15 minutes of fame in their small minds…if that is the case…the only thing I can say is…

SHAME!  Shame on them, and Shame of FFRF for siding with the like of them.

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